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The decoration standard is proposed to be 500 yuan/square meter. There is a burglar proof door for entering the house, and a complete set of wooden doors are used for the door. The model room will be opened in April

in the future, the affordable housing constructed in Shenyang will achieve unified standards, unified material selection, unified construction and unified decoration from the main structure to the internal decoration. The decoration standard is proposed to be 500 yuan/square meter, and the model room will meet the people of Shencheng in April. At present, the specific plan for the architectural decoration design standard of indemnificatory public rental housing is being formulated and is expected to be completed next month

there will be a unified standard for the construction of affordable housing

at present, the construction area of a single set of public rental housing constructed in Shenyang is generally controlled below 60 square meters, and the full decoration method is adopted to achieve “ Live with your bag ” Standards

Ju Lihong, director of the municipal modern construction industrialization management office, told reporters that the city would build affordable housing in the way of modern construction industry. There will be unified standards for the entry door of public rental housing, the paint on the wall, and the ceramic tiles in the kitchen, which is conducive to the centralized production of industrialization. The materials and furniture used for decoration can be produced locally in factories, which can not only ensure quality, but also save time and manpower and reduce costs

the decoration standard is proposed to be 500 yuan/square meter

at present, the state is formulating the decoration standard of indemnificatory public rental housing, and it is estimated that there are three, which are 300 yuan, 500 yuan and 800 yuan per square meter respectively. All regions will make adjustments according to their actual conditions. Now it seems that 500 yuan/square meter is more suitable for Shenyang. Specific provisions include security doors for entry, waterproof paint on walls and ceilings, and complete sets of wooden doors for doors; The kitchen and bathroom floors are made of non slip floor tiles, and the walls are pasted with tiles, equipped with toilets, washbasins, kitchen stoves, energy-saving lamps, etc., which are detailed to every link of building decoration. Then, according to this standard, a model of public rental housing construction will be made and comprehensively promoted in due course

multi family model rooms appeared in April

at present, the plan for the decoration design standard of indemnificatory public rental buildings in the city is being formulated and is expected to be completed in March. The plan will unify the design of affordable public rental housing. On the basis of basically the same house type and area, the basic decoration and basic equipment inside will be unified, which can not only meet the needs of daily life, but also have durability and durability

at present, although the final plan has not been determined, it is certain that the design of these public rental houses will be relatively compact, with complete functions, including bedrooms, living rooms or restaurants, kitchens, and bathrooms

what is the public rental housing built according to the unified standard? At the first China (Shenyang) International Modern Building Industry Expo to be held in April this year, the model rooms of public rental houses with unified standards in Shenyang will be exhibited for the first time. There will be “ Affordable housing exhibition area ”, From the construction, construction, management, policy consultation and other aspects of the security room, combined with the model room for centralized display& ldquo; According to the design needs, we will make several model rooms for centralized display according to different house types and areas ”, Ju Lihong told reporters





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