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1. Molded door

structure: the frame is composed of high-density wood fiber door skin plate and wood keel, filled with thermal insulation materials inside, coated with waterproof glue on the surface, and made after curing and drying. The structure is relatively simple

features: it is not easy to deform, and the surface has concave convex dark lines, with good decorative effect. Because of its simple structure and low price, it is very economical and practical. However, it is not resistant to bumps and has poor hand feel, which is not as good as the sound insulation effect of solid wood doors

purchasing skills: when purchasing molded doors, attention should be paid to that the veneer is firmly connected with the frame without warping and cracks; The arrangement of horizontal and vertical keels of the inner frame shall meet the design requirements, and there shall be horizontal keels at the installation hinge. The board surface is flat and clean, without knots, insect holes, cracks and decay spots. The wood grain is clear and the texture is beautiful. The thickness of the veneer shall not be less than 3mm

2. Solid wood composite door

structure: refers to that the skeleton, door panel and finish of the door are mostly composed of natural wood, and its keel is mostly made of white pine and white fir

features: luxurious and beautiful, good hand feel, not easy to deform and crack, the appearance is as natural and elegant as the full solid wood door, and there is a large choice of materials and styles. It is a medium and high-end product. However, because the material is processed directly with logs, the process quality requirements are high, so the price is also high. If the wood selected for inferior products is not dry enough, it is easy to deform

purchasing skills: at first glance, large manufacturers use modern machinery and equipment, and use high temperature and high pressure edge banding. After edge banding, the exterior surface of the room is clean and firm

second, look at hardware accessories. The high-quality bedroom door adopts famous hardware accessories, which can open and close freely without noise, and can withstand tens of thousands of switches without deformation and damage

look at the finish. The finish is determined by two parts, one is the material, the other is the paint quality. Material refers to the kind and thickness of veneer wood, which determines the background color, texture and price of the door. The thickness of veneer should be more than 0.7mm; The quality of paint and finishing process determine the quality of door finishing. High quality paint and advanced spraying and baking processes can ensure that each door has the characteristics of smooth paint surface, uniform color and clear texture

fourth, look at environmental protection. Only when all raw materials are environmental protection materials can we produce environmental protection and green products. It is required to have the inspection certificate of the environmental protection department

3. Full solid wood door

structure: full solid wood door is also called log Decor wood door, that is, it uses logs to directly process full wood, half glass and full glass. From the perspective of wood processing technology, there are two kinds of finger wood and log. Finger jointed wood is the wood after sawn and finger jointed. Its performance is more stable than that of log, which can ensure that the door does not deform

features: the solid wood door gives people a stable and elegant feeling. It is characterized by luxury and beauty, thick shape, but the price is high, easy to deform and crack

purchasing skills: you can choose according to the purchasing method of solid wood composite doors

(editor in charge of China timber network: Ma Fen)




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