Wife quits her job full-time engaged in decoration

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The house was delivered in early July and decorated in mid August. The decoration was basically completed before October 1, and the house was occupied in early November. The workers of the decoration team we are looking for are very good, especially the carpenter Xiao He. Both of us are his fans. The design is what we want. When the decoration starts, we don't know how to do some things. The workers urge us all day, so we put down our favorite pictures from the Internet and let the workers do it, hehe

calculated, the cost of decoration materials is almost more than 5W, 9K for the decoration team, a total of 6W, which is just the limit of our budget. There are still three air conditioners to be purchased next year

house type diagram, after we went to measure the size, I drew a simple size diagram to have a size reference

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