New direction of Chinese door and window publicity

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With the rise of wechat, Weibo and other new media, soft communication is more important, but it is not a simple thing to do well in soft communication. To do a good job in soft communication, it is necessary to grasp the following guidelines. It is necessary to combine soft communication with brand centered thinking. Soft communication is an important thing to show the soft power of a brand, mainly through some brand stories, decoration diaries, after-sales service, sales process and other story records. Its communication form is more humane than hard and wide

I. new direction of Chinese doors and windows publicity

Chinese doors and windows, as a profession that consumers pay less attention to, usually cannot play the expected role if it adopts the communication form of high winds and heavy rains. However, once consumers have the need to purchase, their roll progress is several times higher than that of FMCG. Therefore, when consumers enter the form of high roll progress, how to make them see a lot of information related to Chinese door and window brands on the Internet is very important

as a Chinese door and window brand, it must have its own positioning. Generally speaking, soft communication should be strongly related to the positioning of the brand center. After continuous communication, the brand center thinking should be repeated, so as to leave a certain brand memory for consumers and associate the brand at the first time when consumers need to spend. Soft communication needs to pay attention to readability. The fundamental difference between soft communication and hard communication is that soft communication has an affinity that hard communication does not have

second, soft communication is more conducive to sale

compared with hard and wide forced communication, soft communication is mostly based on stories, making consumers willing to read. The key here is to narrate the soft content. If the soft text is based on the true feelings of the consumers and embeds the brand elements together, this kind of information can usually move the consumers more. Soft communication should have various forms of link windows. With the rise of new media marketing, the communication access window is very important. At that time, wechat was changing everyone's reading habits, and "palmtop" became a synonym for modern young people. In this case, although the soft communication of Chinese door and window brands is announced on some professional websites, official websites, and even print media, its role will be greatly reduced if there is no decentralized communication of mobile Internet skills. Therefore, no matter how attractive the soft communication content is, it is also necessary to achieve a wider range of brand dispersion through these new media

nowadays, the topic of micro marketing is more and more mentioned by everyone. As a profession that consumers pay less attention to, Chinese doors and windows should pay more attention to humanized communication methods, be people-oriented, and truly understand the needs of consumers, so as to promote their own goods very well




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