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China Mobile Research Institute, ZTE and Qualcomm announced to jointly carry out 5g standard positioning technology demonstration

China Mobile Research Institute, ZTE and Qualcomm technologies announced today that based on the principle of long-term and beneficial to the industry, the three parties will cooperate in stages to carry out positioning technology based on the completed 3GPP 5g NR rel-16 Standard Specification and performance verification based on the future 3GPP rel-17 enhanced positioning technology specification. This cooperation aims to accelerate the standard development and landing application of 5g positioning technology, and enrich the application scenarios of 5g positioning technology in emerging vertical industries. The three parties plan to demonstrate the above 5g positioning technology in 2021 and in the future

the first phase of 5g deployment based on 3GPP rel-15 focuses on providing a new and enhanced mobile broadband experience for intelligent and other terminals. In the next phase (3GPP rel-16, 17 and future versions), 5g will enable more applications and industries, such as industrial IOT, automotive, augmented reality, etc. Accurate terminal positioning is an important feature of many applications, including augmented reality and indoor navigation. The positioning based on cellular technology can complement the existing global navigation satellite system (GNSS) to meet the needs of outdoor and indoor positioning

in the 4G era, China Mobile has commercialized an indoor positioning solution based on utdoa technology. 5g has larger system bandwidth and supports large-scale MIMO antenna arrays, which can support higher precision positioning. 3GPP rel-16 specification introduces a new positioning technology based on RTT (round trip time), which can provide reliable positioning performance without strict network synchronization. At the same time, it also introduces a new 3D angle of arrival/angle of departure (AOA/AOD) measurement to further improve the positioning accuracy. Using the high time resolution provided by 5g wide bandwidth and the multi beam angle information provided by large-scale MIMO, 5g can achieve a single positioning accuracy of less than 10 meters outdoors and less than 3 meters indoors. If additional filtering and multi-sensor fusion positioning technology are used, the positioning accuracy can be further improved. The 3GPP rel-17 specification currently under development will continue to evolve on the basis of 3GPP NR rel-16 positioning technology, aiming to achieve sub meter accuracy and meet the absolute accuracy requirements within 0.3 meters for a single positioning

the performance verification of 3GPP rel-16 positioning technology carried out by the three parties mainly includes the verification of positioning accuracy that can be achieved under different positioning technologies (such as RTT and aoa/aod), different standardized positioning reference signal configurations, and the evaluation of positioning performance in indoor, outdoor, static and mobile scenes. In the future, the test of enhanced positioning technology based on 3GPP rel-17 will mainly focus on the evaluation of new 5g application scenarios based on sub meter positioning accuracy

Huang Yuhong, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said: 5g+ positioning is an important part of the construction of China Mobile's integrated innovation capability system, which can expand indoor and outdoor vertical industry applications. At present, Mr. Gerry Marino of China Mobile will launch a lecture on the market development and technology of thermoplastic products at PPG booth. A 5g+ Beidou high-precision positioning network covering the whole country has been built, which can provide outdoor centimeter level positioning capability. In order to build an indoor and outdoor integrated positioning network, China Mobile is actively promoting more commercial testing and standard pre research of 5g positioning technology, and applying it to indoor scenes and outdoor sheltered areas

Bai Yanmin, general manager of ZTE 5g products, said: with the large-scale deployment of 5g network, developing and utilizing the positioning capability of 5g network, providing support for industrial applications, driving the development of positioning business, and enabling thousands of industries is one of the goals pursued by ZTE. This trilateral cooperation is a phased achievement of our exploration and promotion of the development of positioning technology. We believe that with the joint efforts of our industrial partners, we will promote and catalyze the further development of the positioning industry. We have studied the use of this device by the United financing, so that 5g network can better empower thousands of industries

Zhuang Simin, vice president of engineering technology of Qualcomm technologies, said: we are very happy to cooperate with China Mobile Research Institute and ZTE to accelerate the performance of 5g positioning technology, agile reversing and variable speed forward, and promote this technology to better meet the needs of more applications and vertical industries. This cooperation with leading enterprises in the global communications industry is another example of Qualcomm technologies' deepening ecosystem cooperation to promote the continuous expansion and evolution of 5g in the world. We hope that the technical achievements of this cooperation can support many industries to create new 5g opportunities and bring more possibilities for the future of intelligent interconnection

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