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China may implement the tire "labeling law" within two years.

recently, Dalian and Shanghai simultaneously launched the first "China green tire safety week" with the theme of "green environmental protection, safe travel", to spread the knowledge that some green building materials, such as green tires, fuel saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and safety, began to accelerate the pace of development, and advocated green production and low-carbon travel. According to tire world, 16 tire dealers in Dalian provide consumers with free vehicle safety inspection, free nitrogen filling, free tire dynamic balancing, free four-wheel positioning and other services

the data shows that road traffic causes 18% of the global carbon dioxide emissions, while in highway traffic accidents, the traffic accidents caused by tire blowout exceed 34%. Therefore, it is urgent to promote vehicle energy conservation and emission reduction and use green and safe tires. Compared with ordinary tires of the same specification, green tires can reduce rolling resistance by 22% - 35% and fuel consumption by 3% - 8%

according to Xiao Aoshuang, enterprise communication director of digital micro Vickers hardness tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in Asia Pacific region of Langsheng chemical China Co., Ltd., the energy consumption of a car is 20% - 30% related to tires, and the fuel consumption of cars using green tires can be reduced by 7%. Green tires have been proved to have excellent effects in fuel, reducing rolling resistance, reducing noise and so on

the annual output of more than 500 million tires makes China the world's largest tire producer and market, but the contradictions such as unreasonable product structure and overcapacity are becoming increasingly prominent. Europe and the United States and other countries have fully implemented green tire labels, forcing domestic tire enterprises to accelerate the production and layout of green tires. According to xuwenying, vice president of China Rubber Industry Association, in order to promote China's transformation from a large tire producer to a powerful country, the self-discipline standard for green tires has been implemented. Phoenix is expected to be the last winner. By 2017, the green tire mandatory classification label act will be officially implemented, and all tires will be labeled with labels similar to the energy efficiency label of refrigerators

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