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China plans to build 45 new airports in the next five years

the problem of cleaning is also a problem that needs attention for fatigue test aircraft. China's civil aviation regulator said on Thursday that China will build another 45 airports in the next five years, raising new problems about the possible excess capacity of China's transportation industry

Li Jiaxiang, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), said that this round of new investment will increase the total number of airports in China to 220. Most of the existing airports in China are operating at a loss

although Chinese consumers' demand for air travel has increased rapidly in recent years as their purchasing power has increased, the airport infrastructure expansion accelerated during the economic stimulus plan in the past two years has become one of the many potential sources of over investment

Li Jiaxiang, who was in charge of Air China, China's largest airline, before being transferred to the CAAC, said that the government would invest 1.5 trillion yuan (US $228billion) in the aviation industry during the period up to 2015, although he did not say how much of this would be invested in airport construction

According to a Reuters report, Li Jiaxiang, who is also vice minister of China's Ministry of transport, admitted on Thursday that 130 of China's 175 existing airports are currently operating at a loss, with a total loss of 1.68 billion yuan

although the capacity of new large airports in some of China's largest cities soon approached saturation due to the rising air traffic, industry officials said that there were also a large number of new airports in small and medium-sized cities that took off and landed only a few flights a week. As China's growing middle class is more able to travel, Goldman Sachs predicts that passenger demand will grow by 15% this year

the rapid expansion of China's high-speed railway has also caused problems related to over investment. People naturally associate this concern with a statement 10 days ago that China's minister of railways, Liu Zhijun, is being investigated for serious violations of discipline

we are eager to buy domestic instruments

Liu Zhijun, who once promoted the blind introduction of China's high-speed rail investment, has been dismissed

although some analysts believe that high ticket prices will curb consumer demand for high-speed rail, supporters of high-speed rail investment argue that the expansion of passenger train services will make room for existing railways to transport goods such as coal. At present, a large amount of coal in China is transported by truck

however, the new high-speed train service will also become a strong competitor in the aviation industry. For example, the high-speed railway from Wuhan to Guangzhou has shortened the journey from 10 hours to 3 hours

for China's new airport, a potential positive factor may come from small aircraft. The Chinese government announced in November last year that it would open airspace below 4000 meters to civil aircraft. The cultural paper output excluding coated paper, household paper, newsprint and special paper is 27.5 million tons, which is likely to promote the use of helicopters and light aircraft to increase significantly. Sinolink securities estimates that China will purchase 3300 helicopters in the next 10 years

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