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China Mobile introduced Tudou video

on October 23, Tudou announced that it officially became the exclusive operation of China Mobile Video "original frequency, this hydraulic universal experimental machine adopts electro-hydraulic servo valve channel". 1. Host maintenance: partners and content providers, thus entering the emerging video industry. It is understood that the video cooperation between Tudou and China Mobile will charge users information fees through "monthly" and "per time", which is also the first time that the video station attempts to charge ordinary users. China Mobile will exempt traffic fees and encourage and cultivate the development of video

however, under the background of free video programs' good contact and popularity, is the video charging mode feasible

the first trial of video charging mode

as the most eye-catching application in 3G commercial services, video is a must for major video stations at present. According to the person in charge of Tudou's wireless operation Department, many video stations have participated in the competition for China Mobile's video operation partners, and Tudou finally "stands out in the competition with its strong content advantages and mature channel operation scheme"

it is reported that the "original channel" will be fully launched in early November. Tudou will provide thousands of selected original videos and update them every day. It is the largest provider of original video content in China. At that time, Chinese mobile users can log in to the mobile dream video original channel and watch video programs through WAP and client browsing

since April this year, China Mobile has taken the lead in announcing that the video business is "free of traffic charges" to stimulate the development of this business. However, content providers can still work with China Mobile to collect information fees from users through "monthly" and "per visit" methods. Log in to mobile dream and find that China Mobile has actually started to extend its service life. Video content can be viewed by 2G or 3G users through browsing or downloading clients. The content charging mode implemented by China Mobile is mainly based on charging per time, which is basically 2 yuan/time; However, the current video content is relatively single, mostly some erotic videos that play a marginal role. Maybe this is also the reason why China Mobile introduced rich content from video operation partners

Tudou is very optimistic about the future of the paid video on. "Internet is the world of free videos. If you want to charge, I'm afraid there is only one way at present." Wang Wei, CEO of Tudou, said that China Mobile has 500million users, and the market space of mobile Internet is huge. The comprehensive cooperation with China Mobile in video will accelerate the process of realizing revenue and expenditure balance and even realizing profitability of Tudou; Those original podcasts who are looking forward to the realization of their works will really become a member of the original channel revenue sharing system

free mode is still the mainstream

the bright prospects seen by Wang Wei are not groundless. In those days, Sina, e-mail, Sohu and other portals created rich Internet content according to the free model, but they fell into huge losses and were difficult to extricate themselves. Finally, they got out of trouble by relying on value-added services such as SMS and embarked on the path of profitability. Today, the road that video stations have gone through in the initial stage is almost the same as that of portal stations in those years, and the speed of video business "burning money" is no less than that of establishing portal stations

with China Mobile as a big tree, can you receive real gold and silver by content? An industry insider told that domestic video users have formed the habit of eating free lunch, and thousands of free video resources are also circulating on the Internet, which can be described as everything. "At this time, the implementation of the charging model will face a severe test."

in fact, from free to charging, the Internet industry also has some lessons of failure. In the free era, 263 e-mail was once famous in the north and south of the river, and it was one of the top companies in the industry. However, after its comprehensive transformation to a paid e-mail, users lost a lot and soon declined. Of course, Tudou's main online video has not changed to the charging mode, but only tried to charge in the emerging video business. "As long as the paid video is worth the money and can be accepted by users, it is not impossible as a supplement," the industry insiders said, "but the free mode is still the mainstream of the video industry, which will not be shaken in the future." South

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