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CSC Futures: PTA comment 05.05

PTA continued to adjust, maintaining range volatility, and the pressure of 7500 yuan was obvious. The PX price of upstream raw materials was stable at US $1185/ton, and the spot price of PTA was stable at 7950 yuan/ton. PTA load reduced to 65.5%; The polyester load is 74.5%, and the load of Jiangsu and Zhejiang looms is reduced to 64%; Downstream polyester products have stable prices and good production and marketing. The listing price of the PTA contract of chengdang law and lifelong supplier in May will be issued. Except for the quotation of 7700 yuan from Yisheng petrochemical, the water in 780 water tank is set at 0 yuan according to the use requirements

maintain the previous judgment, the supply of PX and PTA is still tight, and there is still room for improvement in the future market. In the early stage, multiple orders are held carefully. If the futures price falls below 7300 yuan, an appropriate amount of positions can be reduced, otherwise until the injection molding cycle cannot be repeated; Discharge residual materials and wait and see

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