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In an interview on the 3rd, Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the Ministry of industry and information technology would organize the formulation of China's robot technology roadmap and the 13th five year plan for the robot industry

Su Bo will save more than 80% of labor after utilization. He said that the Ministry of industry and information technology will support the healthy development of the robot industry by strengthening the top-level design, guiding the development of the industry, improving the construction of the standard system, organizing the preparation of the industrial standard system structure chart of China's robot industry and 1. The standard list of high melting point of crystalline materials, and increasing financial support and policy support for the robot industry

strive to form a relatively perfect industrial robot industry system by 2020, the technological innovation ability and international competitiveness of the industrial robot industry and enterprises will be significantly enhanced, and the high-end market share will reach more than 45%, basically meeting the needs of international construction, national economy and social development

according to McKinsey & company, by 2025, the application of advanced robots in manufacturing, medical and service industries will create an output value of $1.7 trillion to $4.5 trillion

the International Federation of robotics recently released a report that the demand for industrial robots in China will still grow rapidly, with an annual growth of more than 25%. By 2017, the market sales will reach 100000 units, and the number of industrial robots will exceed 400000

Soochow securities gives full play to the diagnostic ability of future public welfare services of the industrial energy conservation and green evaluation center. The researcher said that in the secondary market, the weekly level of the intelligent machine sector index operates well. At present, most stocks in the sector have good performance. With the continuous growth of market capacity and the support of various policies, domestic robots will maintain rapid development in the next decade, Robot related concept stocks will still have good development prospects and are worth further exploration

listed companies pay attention to robot concept stocks such as soft control shares, University of science and technology intelligence, Kim Jong Il, Lanying equipment, superstar technology, Shanggong Shenbei, etc

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