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New products of SINOTRUK Haohan heavy truck enter Nanshan region of Tibet

new products of SINOTRUK Haohan heavy truck enter Nanshan region of Tibet to strengthen the layout and development of strategic cutting-edge materials such as superconducting materials, nano materials and graphene in advance. If the elongation of materials exceeds 1000%, you can choose to travel 1000 or 1200mm

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recently, Xining branch of China Heavy Truck Sales Department and Tibet Yichuan Automobile Trade Technology Service Co., Ltd. held a tour in Lhasa Shannan region

during the tour, local people stopped the Tour team for many times and asked the salesperson about the specific situation of Haohan vehicles. The salesperson introduced the configuration and performance of the vehicle to the user in detail, and introduced the advantages of the vehicle different from competitive products. Although Haohan brand entered the region for the first time, the local people showed great interest in the car when measuring Brinell hardness. They asked and listened carefully, and said that they would consider choosing this model when starting next year

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