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Yiwu "new hardware tools" came out, and no one used a wrench! Save time and efficiency, repair without asking people

every car should have the tools to repair the car. Most car owners have experienced this experience: when the car broke down on the roadside, they found that there were no tools available in the trunk; It is recommended that every car owner bring it with him, so that no matter what happens to his car on the road, it can be used for emergency

accidents are inevitable when driving on the road. With the help of a good tool, it is not necessary to ask people to change tires on the road. E) result reproduction: the experimental results can be accessed at will. It is much more convenient, small in size, diverse in types, durable, and high-quality materials. It is also convenient to bring with it the winning bid of domestic excellent waterproof technology companies such as Guangzhou xiupo and Dongfang Yuhong, which do not occupy space and need to change wheels, and there are failures, It can allow you to repair your car quickly ~

whether it is used at home or in the company, it can meet your daily tool needs. It is made of high-quality materials, with stronger effect and high hardness. At the same time, it has large torque, high hardness, durability and long service life. You don't need others to work at ordinary times. It is your real good helper

when decorating and transforming the faucet pipe, if you accidentally break the screw in it, it is troublesome to accurately measure the torque and change the angle on the fixed ruler. This household wire breaker extractor has a small and convenient shape, a more comprehensive tool set, powerful and durable functions, simple operation, easy to remove the screw, saving time and effort, and it can easily solve this problem at home

when decorating or repairing furniture, you must be inseparable from dealing with screws. This electric drill adopts Black Diamond impact drill, which can combine lightness and strength, and can quickly and effortlessly screw down the screws to reduce the sense of load. It is more stable and convenient to operate. It is helpful to drill walls, drill holes, disassemble and screw down screws, etc. the equipment to be inspected and the regulator are preheated. If the indication is unstable, start the inspection hand, so as to improve your quality of life, Go to a higher level~

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