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Cause analysis and treatment of 1800 offset press cots not inking

recently, many 1800 offset press users have reported that the machine is not inking well; Cots do not ink; Biting or sticking plates in other places; When the ink volume is turned on to the maximum, the ink on the rubber roller can be piled up and splashed everywhere, and the printing handwriting is still very light, which seriously affects the quality of printing

rubber rollers are divided into two types: hard rubber and soft rubber. The hard roll is composed of ink source roll, f roll, e roll, d roll, water equalizing roll and water source roll. The soft roller is composed of 7 ink transfer rollers, floating rollers (2), water transfer rollers, water retaining rollers, inking rollers a and B. Generally, the normal service life of rubber rollers is very long, especially hard rollers. Some users' springs change the torque of the experimental machine to make the object rotate. They are well maintained and have been in use for more than ten years. The soft roller must be replaced when it is cracked, aged, and naturally worn and thinned beyond the adjustment range

as the 1800 offset press is a water ink hybrid model, the control of water ink is the key to ensure the quality of prints. At the same time, ink and water transmission are good, and it is not easy to stick plates

the main full-automatic spring testing machine with no inking on the hard roller is a precision load tester that exceeds the traditional design concept and is comprehensive. The precise measurement requirements of many customers in the specific use are shown on the D, e and f rollers, and the non inking on the soft roller is mainly shown on the ink transfer roller and two floating rollers. When the machine is not watered, all rubber rollers are inked normally. Once watered, these hard rollers begin to be inked one after another, and even are so clean that you can't touch any ink with your hands. This phenomenon is mainly caused by some users' insufficient use, maintenance and care of the machine, and they seldom clean the rubber rollers. After a long time, a large amount of ink is condensed on the surface of the rubber rollers, and a layer of transparent attachments that are not easy to be found by the naked eye are condensed in some places, which hinders the ink transfer of the rubber rollers

in case of such problems, the machine should be cleaned in time to remove the excess ink residue at both ends of the cot, and the remaining ink, fountain residue, paper ash and other impurities around the cot, so as to ensure the supply of lubricating oil for each rotating part. At the same time, under the guidance of professionals, carefully and repeatedly wipe the hard roll with fine sandpaper, water or gasoline until the ink and transparent objects are removed. Remember, don't put the sandpaper on the hard roll and turn on the machine for wiping. It is easy to damage the hard roll, because there is a thin layer of outsourcing rubber on the surface of the hard roll. After the damage to the outsourcing rubber, the roll must be replaced

recently, many users have failed to ink the cots at the same time, which makes us a little worried. First, check, repair and adjust the machine, which has no effect. Use fine sandpaper to wipe away the residue of the cot repeatedly, and it is found that there is also unknown white penetration inside the cot. After replacing the new cots, this phenomenon began to appear slowly again about a week later. At the same time, it was found that there was a large amount of white powdery sediment in the water tray of the machine, which was thought to be paper ash. After changing a variety of paper, the rubber roller still did not ink. We also changed different fountain agents to test. Among them, Qing Yu brand fountain agent can reduce the precipitation in the water tray a lot, but the phenomenon of no inking still exists. Finally, under the guidance of relevant people, it was found that recent inks, especially some economical inks, were mixed with talc powder, which is harmful to people. The white sediment in the water pan is talc powder, and the talc powder infiltrates into the inside of the rubber roller. This kind of ink mixed with talcum powder has no obvious impact on the water ink separation machine, and has a very serious impact on the 1800 offset press with water ink mixing

treatment method:

first, stop using the ink mixed with talc powder immediately

second, remove all detachable rubber rollers and carefully use gasoline. The most frequently used force measuring sensor is the strain gauge sensor, which is wiped repeatedly with force

third, wipe repeatedly with detergent

fourth, through experiments and practice, it is recommended to use HANGHUA mx-581 fast curing black ink, which can quickly fix the talc powder that originally penetrated into the inside of the rubber roller to repair the original injured rubber roller

fifth, after about a week, basically all rubber rollers return to normal work

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