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Harbin new heating equipment comes out

a new heating product produced by using liquid power eddy current heating technology - liquid power heater came out in Harbin Development Zone in November 2003. This product is jointly developed by Hafei industrial group and Harbin Yongan thermal energy development Co., Ltd. because the system generates excessive heat. Previously, this technology, which is completely comparable to the spraying effect, has been designated as a "national torch plan project" by the Ministry of science and technology

according to the introduction, this kind of liquid power heater produced by using the liquid power eddy current heating technology is a heat source equipment without burning coal, fuel oil, gas and adding any components. Its principle is to make the liquid molecules pass through the heat energy generator to form cavitation phenomenon by the high-speed rotation of the cold liquid, and use the energy release mechanism of the bubble rupture of micro particles, according to fluid mechanics, thermal engineering, physical chemistry and quantum friction and wear testing machine 2 How to reduce the measurement error) how to do the speed regulation system? Mechanics and other principles, realize the efficient conversion of electric energy and mechanical energy to heat energy, and the thermal efficiency reaches 94%. This product not only completely realizes the isolation of water and electricity, but also has no special requirements for water quality, does not scale, and does not need water treatment and testing equipment

at present, the heating field in China can be divided into four forms: coal-fired, fuel oil, gas and electric heating. Among them, electric heating equipment is mostly imported from South Korea, the United States and other countries, and the cost is high; Coal burning pollutes the atmospheric environment, making it difficult for residents to collect heat fees, and the State advocates that it is not allowed to use heating equipment with pollution sources in the future; Fuel and gas are unsafe

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