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The decoration of the new house is like the "water curtain hole". The upstairs neighbor was sentenced to stop the leak.

the decoration of the new house is like the upstairs neighbor of the "water curtain hole" was sentenced to stop the leak.

December 24, 2013

[China paint information] No. 24, unit 2, building 2, No. 60, Jinyuan Road, Longmatan District, Luzhou city is Luo Jianzu's new house, and the problem of water leakage has been bothering the family. In 2011, when Luo Jianzu first began to decorate the house, there was water leakage in the bathroom, and he once went to court because he failed to negotiate with the upstairs residents. The court's decision has not yet been implemented, and the ceiling of Luo Jianzu's bathroom began to leak again. Both sides have their own opinions on the cause of water leakage

the leakage of the new house once went to court

two years ago, Luo Jianzu, a citizen of Luzhou, found that the ceiling of his bathroom had been leaking, and the bathroom and his son's bedroom had been leaking during the decoration of his new house. At first, the water stains on the ceiling did not attract attention, but then the water leakage began to be serious. At the most serious time, the floor was completely soaked. "It feels like living in the water curtain hole." Depressed, Luo Jianzu found his neighbor Jiang Jiming upstairs

brief introduction of Jinan steel strand testing machine Jiang Jiming also felt very aggrieved: "when the downstairs was decorated, the sewer pipe cracked, and now there is a large area of water leakage in my home." Jiang Jiming was a little excited. He believed that the reason for the leakage was that the downstairs decoration changed the structure of the house. According to reports, at that time, the walls of the bathroom in his home did have obvious water stains. Due to the serious flooding, some of the walls even began to fall off. Jiang Jiming believes that the reason for the water leakage is that the downstairs decoration changed the housing structure, causing water leakage

as both parties hold their own words, the negotiation fails. If it doesn't light up in the end, the court will not show the speed. The court ruled that Jiang Jiming would restore the leaking wall of Luo Jianzu's bedroom to its original state within 30 days after the judgment came into effect. Jiang Jiming refused to accept the decision that the spring pressure testing machine was a model, and appealed. The appeal was rejected in the second instance and the original judgment was upheld

the professional workers of the air conditioning Department upstairs complained about the installation of

while the judgment was not yet enforced, Luo Jianzu found that the ceiling of the bathroom began to leak again. Water stains gather along the pipeline and eventually form water drops

in addition to the ceiling of the bathroom, Luo Jianzu's second family said that there were also signs of leakage in their bay windows and the walls of their son's bedroom, which he believed were related to the external air conditioners of the upstairs residents

in this regard, Jiang Jiming, an upstairs resident, said that the location of the air conditioner was selected by the workers who came to install it according to the installation needs, not because of water leakage, but because the downstairs structure was changed

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