The hottest new HDPE for bottle caps and hoses

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New HDPE for bottle caps and hoses

a new injection molded HDPE combines outstanding environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) and fast cycle times, which are required by beverage bottle cap and hose manufacturers. Hostalen gx4027 is produced by Basell polyolefin company. The beverage cover is required to withstand extreme climatic environment, long shelf life and high carbonation, while the hose must withstand extreme stress that does not form a cup when used. The converter requires a faster cycle, and the unit of impact energy of ES plastic simple beam impact tester is Joule, and the CR loss is very small. The industrial test of this HDPE shows that it is completely destroyed: the destruction of electrostatic discharge shows that it is very prominent in saving cycle time, and it also reduces the melting temperature by 40 ℃, which has no harmful effect on mold filling. Independent sensory tests show that the material shows the good senses required by beverage applications

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