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New high-grade printing paper Beige paper recently, a new high-grade printing paper Beige paper was successfully developed in Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. All quality indexes of the products have reached the advanced level of similar products in China

previously, beige paper was still blank in Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd., and no relevant research and trial production work had been done. Sun paper technicians set up a special research group, and with the strong support of the state, they carried out experiments for many times, and finally developed it successfully. This product has the advantages of soft tone, low cost and not easy to fade. It is suitable for the printing of high requirements, archives and materials, and has a broad market prospect

in this paper, horizontal fire separation belts should be set up every three floors "; "China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the opening up of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. The combustion performance of some thermal insulation materials for other civil buildings and residences should be taken in such a situation that it is possible to think about class A or B1 thermosetting thermal insulation materials." the copyright of the source network belongs to the original author, and is only for everyone to share and learn. If the author believes that infringement is involved, please contact us, and we will delete it immediately after verification

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