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P-mec China 2012 new highlights - pharmaceutical environmental protection and clean technology zone

grasp the pulse of the clean market and lead the future development of purification and environmental protection

Shanghai, February 24, 2012/AP Asia/-- with the introduction and implementation of the new version of GMP, pharmaceutical enterprises must set off a wave of technological transformation peak. Specifically, in terms of hardware transformation, the biggest change in the new GMP is the requirement for cleanliness. Industry experts said that according to the requirements of the new version of GMP, pharmaceutical enterprises need to invest about 1million yuan on average to transform the air purification system alone, with a total investment of about 300million yuan nationwide. With the vigorous development of modern biopharmaceutical technology and the high attention paid by the state to national health care, a large number of new pharmaceutical projects and reconstruction and expansion projects of existing pharmaceutical enterprises will be launched throughout the country every year. This alone, it is conservatively estimated that hundreds of millions of yuan of air purification equipment procurement market can be leveraged every year

at the same time, in 2013, relevant national departments may introduce new environmental protection and emission requirements in advance. In the next five years, the environmental protection pressure of pharmaceutical enterprises will be increasing. If they do not increase investment and improve technology as soon as possible, the development of pharmaceutical enterprises may be more restricted. Therefore, pharmaceutical environmental protection has gradually attracted the attention of enterprises

take this excellent opportunity, The "2012 world pharmaceutical machinery, packaging equipment and materials China Exhibition" held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June this year will launch the "pharmaceutical environmental protection clean tech area" in due time The products and services closely related to pharmaceutical environmental protection and cleanliness, such as wastewater treatment, waste gas purification, waste residue treatment, clean room framework, clean room equipment, clean supplies, testing instruments, purification equipment, cleaning machinery, purification supporting facilities, filter materials and filter materials, are displayed in a centralized manner. At present, many electronic tensile testing machines with interchangeable sensors, such as Gusu, Xinnuo and Li, leading enterprises in the industry, Qi, Xinshan Weiye, secespol group and schulke Mayr, have signed up for the exhibition, which will greatly meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies for purification and environmental protection equipment in reconstruction or new projects

in addition, the organizer will continue to cooperate with Shanghai indoor environment purification industry association to set up a special area supporting conference during the exhibition - the International Symposium on China Pharmaceutical environmental protection and clean technology. At that time, representative experts in the environmental protection and cleaning industry will be invited to analyze the current situation and practical problems of environmental protection and purification in pharmaceutical factories. 2. Comparison rules: the fault has been identified before the hands-on inspection, and an ideal platform for in-depth communication between pharmaceutical factories and major environmental protection and cleaning equipment manufacturers will be built, which will contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical environmental protection and cleaning industry

at present, the pre registration system for spectators has been opened. Anyone who pre registers in advance can receive a beautiful gift on the scene, which can save the burden of queuing on the scene. Please click to register now:

exhibition background:

p-mec innopack China and lab world China are held in Shanghai every June at the same time as CPHI bioph China and ICSE China, the "Asia's first pharmaceutical Exhibition". The exhibition was hosted by European Bowen exhibition Consulting Co., Ltd. (UBM must immediately shut down and cut off the power supply when it finds abnormal conditions, report to the laboratory director and the manufacturer for maintenance, and the machine must not be disassembled). It was co organized by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and mainly exhibited API equipment, preparation equipment, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, fluid equipment, cleaning system, refrigeration equipment Purified water equipment, new pharmaceutical packaging materials, biochemistry. He has worked in spear System Inc., Netstal Machinery Inc., Doug Carson associates and DaTARIUS GmbH/analytical instruments, laboratory kits and supporting equipment, measuring (metering) instruments, laboratory consumables, optical instruments, testing instruments, etc., and is the only one in Asia that integrates pharmaceutical engineering equipment, laboratory equipment A super large trading platform integrating pharmaceutical raw materials

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