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HP's new retail digital signage system unveiled

recently, HP is exhibiting its new products and solutions at the National Retail Federation (NRF) exhibition in New York City. According to HP officials, this product is designed to help retailers meet the needs of shoppers in a multi-channel retail environment. HP currently focuses on retail in digital signage. This is also the reason why we exhibit many products on NRF. Bobrosenberry, visual solutions manager of HP retail store solutions global business department, said in a recent interview that as HP enters the field of digital signage, we believe that our overall value lies in bringing our global capabilities into this industry to truly solve problems for consumers and end users

Bobrosenberry believes that one of the main problems faced by the digital signage industry is its complex supply chain. HP's goal is to reduce many frictions, especially for a large-scale configurator with confidence in a company they trust, and promote the integration of projects. We clearly realize that for retailers, digital signage is a part of the whole. Rosenberry said that at the point of sale, at present, we have a year-on-year decrease of 18.43%. What are the functional features of the hydraulic universal testing machine for cast aluminum alloy? There is a lot of involvement, but our focus is on retail solutions, not point of sale solutions. Therefore, retailers tell us that in store media, including digital signage and interactive technology, are the main part they need to supply to their consumers

HP 6. Cement pressure testing machine is equipped with color HP printer randomly. The intervention in retail and digital signage includes three inflection points to identify compliance conditions, a new digital signage display, a new image bar code scanner and a new independent software development program. This program focuses on the same long-standing Digital Signage Software companies, such as broadsign, c-nario and omnivex, And companies like Scala, which already has a partnership: HP's image barcode scanner can read 1-D and 2-D barcodes that are printed, displayed on devices, and captured in images. HP ld4201, HP ld4210 and HP ld4710 LCD monitors range in size from 42 inches to 47 inches, and are diagonally embedded with HP's media label player technology, which can facilitate plug and play for dynamic digital advertising

as an industry-leading software company, HP will supply new independent software development (ISV) programs developed for large digital signage enterprises and the interactive indoor media market

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