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New "Hunter" debut - Huntsman peel paint and additives business

new "Hunter" debut - Huntsman peel paint and additives business

January 19, 2017

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American chemical giant Huntsman recently announced that it will divest the group's pigment and additives business while retaining the textile dyeing and chemical business division. The former Huntsman pigments and additives business department will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary under the name of Venator materials after the recent dismantling

venator means hunter in Latin, and its name also shows the continuation of Huntsman's blood by the new company. It is reported that the shareholders of Huntsman have begun to distribute their shares in the former Huntsman pigments and additives division in proportion. After the completion of relevant work, ventor materials plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the second quarter of 2017 (NYSE Code: VNTR)

for Venator materials, given the current strong rise in titanium dioxide prices, this is also a good opportunity to adjust and optimize the enterprise structure. It is predicted that the chemical reaction formed by these two factors will significantly enhance its financial resources, and on average, it will bring up to 7 instruments per year to Venator materials, which can have an initial operation speed of $5million corresponding to the set frequency and a relatively close EBITDA. And this number will continue to increase until all structural optimization and adjustment are completed by the end of 2018

Peter R. Huntsman, President and CEO of Huntsman group, made the following comments: "Stripping the pigment and additives business unit is a major measure of the group, and we are also pleased with the good operation of Venator materials now. We hope that it can get rid of the strange circle in which pigment companies used to be heavily indebted. At present, this is mainly due to the rising price of titanium dioxide and the free cash flow brought by the optimization of the company's structure, which effectively makes up for the negative impact caused by the lack of textile dyeing and chemical business.

in addition to the division of the Department In addition to measuring the current pulsation through brain cells, we also made improvements in free cash flow and downstream business diversity, and repaid $550million of debt last year to improve the group's financial position. "

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