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New house decoration experience scientific selection of home decoration wires

I believe that the most urgent thing for most owners is to decorate the house after taking possession of the building. After all, the house that took most of their life's savings to buy must be carefully decorated to avoid mistakes. Moreover, the decoration of the house is like a major project, which should be understood and prepared in advance. Now I share the experience and experience I have summarized from my decoration with you

The output power is used to balance the amplitude attenuation caused by the damping effect of the system

I won't dwell on the experience of buying a house. It's like a troubling TV series. Since I received the notice of the developer to close the building, I can't help but feel happy. Let's not talk about how to inspect and close the building (ask Du Niang himself), so let's get to the point and talk about the decoration of the new house

the simple operation of new house decoration is to directly find the decoration company. In fact, you don't need to find it. After you close the building, there will be many decoration company businesses for you every day. Make a comparison to see which one has a higher cost performance. Remember that the reputation of the decoration company is very important. If you don't understand it, ask more questions. Ask your neighbors. Neighbors in the same community can always ask. If you can't search the decoration company again, how about it; But if you have time or more people, it is recommended to decorate by yourself, that is, buy materials by yourself, and then find a master worker to be your own supervisor. Decoration design. In fact, you can steal teachers by transferring to several houses in the community. There are many benefits of self decoration, especially the following houses that you plan to live for a long time: houses

here I'll talk about the process of new house decoration. The first is design. Because PMMA artificial eye can effectively save up to seven layers of color, the effect after wearing is as rich as that of filled artificial eye, with rich three-dimensional feeling and realistic and symmetrical color dispersion. Then there is decoration construction. I decorate myself. The house type design is sublimated and modified after referring to the design scheme of the neighborhood in the community. I'm still very satisfied with it. After the design scheme is determined, That is to find a decorator. The first one in the order is the water and electricity master, the installation of water and electricity is followed by the hydraulic work, the third is the carpenter, and the fourth is the fan gray master

the installation of water and electricity in the decoration of new houses is the first step. Water and electricity are hidden. It can be seen that the importance of water and electricity installation is basically a one-time work. There is no opportunity for repeated construction. No one is willing to smash walls and floors to repair circuits or water pipes in the future The following work can be done only after the water and electricity are installed. Therefore, in this link, you must determine the electrical appliances used in your house, the placement of electrical appliances, whether to reserve and so on; I suggest writing it all down with a pen, household air conditioner, 1p for the room, one for the master room, one for the children's room and one for the study, and 2.5P or 3P for the living room; Refrigerators, induction cookers, electric water heaters and other high-power appliances in the kitchen are all high-power appliances. Remember, high-power appliances need to use 4 square wires and an independent wire circuit. My family does this. Safety is the first thing. Electricians will also advise you to do this. After all, the house costs a lot of money to buy. To ensure personal safety, electricity is the first safety factor, and you can't be careless. For electrical appliances such as televisions, fans and computers, 2.5 square wires are generally used, and 1.5 square wires are enough for lighting and switch wires. Again, the socket location should be carefully designed. Air conditioners have wall hanging machines and floor sitting machines, and the electrical sockets of both are located in one high and one low position. It is recommended to install more sockets in the living room TV location, which will definitely work in the future; Especially in the kitchen, there are refrigerators, induction cookers, disinfection cabinets and other high-power electrical appliances. Ordinary household appliances such as rice cookers and Juicers are also often used. It is suggested that the number of sockets in the kitchen should be more rather than less. There is no restriction on cooking when your family increases

now let me give you some general knowledge of home decoration wires. The standard of home decoration wires is usually indicated by square (mm2). The square of wires refers to the cross-sectional area of copper wires. According to different conductor structures, wires are divided into single conductor hard wire (BV wire) and multi stranded flexible wire (BVR wire), and the square of multi stranded flexible wire (BVR wire) is the sum of the cross-sectional areas of all copper wires. The following specifications of wires are usually used in home decoration: 1.5 square meters, 2.5 square meters, 4 square meters, 6 and 10 square meters are basically used for household trunk lines, not to mention here

what are the types of home decoration wires:

there are two types of single conductor hard wire wdz BYJ and BV, and three types of stranded flexible wire wdz BYJ, BVR and RV

bv:pvc wire, as long as a single core wire of copper wire, it is harder

bvr:pvc wire, a single core wire with many strands of copper wire twisted together, softer

rv:pvc wire, a single core wire with more strands of copper wire twisted together, very soft

wdz byj: low smoke halogen-free cross-linked polyolefin wire (divided into hard wire and soft wire according to different conductor results)

the meaning of letter B is wiring wire, and letter V represents insulating material PVC, The letter R means soft

the electrician said that the above is the first generation of home decoration wire product types. With social development and scientific and technological progress, home appliances have increased many varieties than before, and the power of appliances is also getting higher and higher. In real life, the simultaneous use of various high-power appliances in production has been very common, so the safety requirements for home decoration wires are also getting higher and higher. The electrician said that it is best to choose flame-retardant home decoration wires, High end residential areas now use irradiated high-quality home decoration wires

flame retardant refers to the ability to prevent or delay the occurrence or spread of flames. Flame retardant wire refers to the wire with flame retardant performance, which will not continue to burn without open fire, and can effectively prevent the spread of fire. Note that the label of flame-retardant cable is Zr BVR

wdz BYJ low smoke halogen-free environmental protection wire this cable is mainly characterized by environmental protection, low smoke halogen-free, non-toxic, fire-retardant, environmental protection cable. It has excellent fire-retardant performance. In case of fire, it has the performance of fire-retardant self extinguishing and no toxic gas generation, which is conducive to personnel escape, especially suitable for densely populated places. There will be no secondary disasters to the equipment. The cable also has good shielding performance, which can prevent the interference of strong electric field in the electrification section to the transmission information; Matched with the control system, the performance meets the requirements of Siemens, Alstom and other foreign companies for cables. It is widely used in schools, hospitals, intelligent buildings, stations, ports, docks, squares, airports and other important social and public places

long term service temperature of low smoke halogen-free environmental protection wire>; 90 ℃, short circuit temperature>; 250 degrees. Note that the label of the wire is wdz BYJ. You should see it clearly when buying wires. The electrician recommended wires of wanruitong cable brand to me. I bought them in wanruitong cable store in the building materials market

after mending the common sense of home decoration wires, do you feel more secure? After you understand home decoration wires, you should go to the building materials market to buy Wire sockets and other materials. If it's important to be wordy again, water and electricity installation is basically a work. The standards of wires and pipelines are upper space stretching and water pipes. It is recommended to buy products with better quality. After these materials are decorated, they are all buried in cement. In case of buying the first generation of wire products, during which there are problems such as short circuit, it's too expensive to smash the wall and floor to repair the lines. I'd rather eat two meals less and save money to buy the new generation of home decoration wire products of wanruitong. Another important question is that after the electrician has laid the wires and water pipes, you should take a picture. What's the importance? I'll share it next time

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