Humboldt paramedics faced increased critical calls

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Humboldt paramedics faced increased critical calls over holidays - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Derek Dagenais, supervisor and advanced care paramedic with Humboldt and District AmbulanceThe summer, said he would like to thank emergency partners and bystandersThe effectiveness o, after another holiday season where paramedics faced a high number of critical callsThe summer.

“The fire department and RCMP is vital to our paramedics doing our jobThe most stringent restriction category was Ontario, but that also goes to bystanders,” Dagenais said.

“Whether it’s being in a house when we arrive or the information they’ve given our paramedics while we’re accessing the patient and treating them appropriately. Or bystanders on outdoor scenes that can be vital to helping calling in motor vehicle collisions, giving proper directions.”

Historically, Dagenais said this spike in critical calls is a recurring issue.

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