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After Wang Lu bought her new house, she naturally had to decorate it well. Speaking of decoration, it reflects the owner's aesthetics and taste. Naturally, it should be consistent with your personal style. However, do you know what is the most suitable decoration style? Come and have a test, the circle of friends has been tested and shouted for accuracy

1. Do you think your mind is heavy

a, yes &mdash& mdash; Turn 2

B. only when you are more concerned about something &mdash& mdash; Turn to 3

c, no &mdash& mdash; Turn 4

2. What kind of advertisements on TV do you think are the least creative

a, daily chemicals, such as washing powder, sanitary products &mdash& mdash; Turn 5

b, various drinks &mdash& mdash; Turn to 4

c, household appliances &mdash& mdash; Turn 3

3. Do you think as long as you persist, your dream will be realized

a, yes, I believe &mdash& mdash; Turn to 4

b. I'm not clear, but if I don't insist, I can't even realize it &mdash& mdash; Turn 6

c, not &mdash& mdash; Turn 5

4. Your boyfriend sent you a bunch of roses on Valentine's day. Where will you put the flowers in the room

a, on the bedside table in the bedroom &mdash& mdash; Turn to 7

b, on the tea table in the living room &mdash& mdash; Turn to 5

C, on the shoe cabinet at the door &mdash& mdash; Turn 8

d, on the windowsill &mdash& mdash; Turn 6

5. Do weight loss plans often end in failure

a, yes &mdash& mdash; Turn to 7

b, not &mdash& mdash; Turn 9

6. What would you do if a friend came all the way to your city

a. depending on who this person is, the unimportant will be ignored &mdash& mdash; Turn to 9

b and invite him to taste the local famous snacks &mdash& mdash; Turn to 7

C and take him to visit local scenic spots &mdash& mdash; Turn 8

d and catch up with him &mdash& mdash; Turn 10

7. Do you like to knead the used paper towels into a ball and throw them again

a, I like it very much &mdash& mdash; Turn 10

b, sometimes &mdash& mdash; Turn 8

c, no such hobby &mdash& mdash; Turn 9

8. When you fail to meet talents in a company, what will you do

a, leave angrily &mdash& mdash; Turn 9

b, wait patiently for opportunities &mdash& mdash; Turn 10

c, complain while working &mdash& mdash; Turn 12

d, silently endure &mdash& mdash; Turn 11

9. What do you think is the first condition for a person to become rich

a, personal ability &mdash& mdash; Turn to 10

b, network resources &mdash& mdash; Turn to 11

c, seize opportunities &mdash& mdash; Turn 13

d, work hard &mdash& mdash; Turn 12

10. If you go to large parties, what do you usually do

a. drink alone &mdash& mdash; Turn 13

B. many people chat happily &mdash& mdash; Turn to 12

C and only talk to your familiar friends &mdash& mdash; Turn 11

11. To buy a gift for Dad, which of the following would you buy

a, electric shaver &mdash& mdash; Turn 13

b, clothes &mdash& mdash; Turn 14

c, men's face cream &mdash& mdash; Turn 12

12. When drinking water, do you like to finish a cup in one bite

a, like &mdash& mdash; Turn to 13

b, depending on the situation &mdash& mdash; Turn 15

c, don't like &mdash& mdash; Turn 16

13. Can you work and live far away from home

a, yes &mdash& mdash; Turn 14

b, no &mdash& mdash; Turn 15

14. Does someone say you are a person who likes to laugh

a, many people say so &mdash& mdash; Turn 16

B. few people say so &mdash& mdash; Turn to 15

C. no one said &mdash& mdash; Please see the answer b

15. When you were a child, did you imagine yourself becoming a Jianghu Xia

a, yes &mdash& mdash; See the answer a

b, no &mdash& mdash; See the answer d

16. Will you ask others' opinions no matter what decision you make

a, yes &mdash& mdash; See the answer c

b, no &mdash& mdash; Please see the answer e

analysis: A. trust and righteousness are important. You are a recognized leader in the circle. When your best friends and friends are helpless, you will always become their first dependence, and you will be duty bound to come forward at this time to solve problems for each other. For such a person who is calm and calm about everything and has his own subjective opinions, he must also be calm and atmospheric in his home style. The court atmosphere of European style naturally reveals a high and cold temperament in your home. Such a design style is compatible with your own style

analysis: B. go your own way, cold type

your speech and dress style conform to the most popular neutral style at present. You are very independent, like to be responsible for your own affairs, and will not cause trouble to your friends. You are the most calm existence in the circle of friends. You always go your own way, and your appearance always gives people a cold feeling. Therefore, your home style is also dominated by cold colors such as black, white and gray. You will also make some strange things in the decoration to show your personality. In short, it is absolutely unusual

analysis C, well cared for Miss type

you have been excessively cared for by your family since childhood. You are a typical greenhouse flower, so you don't understand many helpless things in the world. In your mind, the world is beautiful. Because of this, many people also like such a simple you. In the circle of friends, you have always been the object of everyone's protection and care, and you have attracted as much attention as the eldest lady. Maybe because you have been growing up in such an environment, your home style has always been inseparable from the pink princess style. Maybe this can reflect your proud and charming style

analysis: D. warm and graceful neighbor type

you give people a fresh feeling like a breeze, which can always sweep away the haze at the bottom of your heart. You are not so dazzling in the circle of friends, and you are not strong enough, but you have an inborn ability to make people feel comfortable, which makes people particularly willing to be close to you. For such you, the home style is certainly not that tough type, and the pastoral design is right for your appetite. The fresh and natural feeling in this design style is very consistent with your own temperament, making people feel that the pastoral design is tailored for you

analysis: E. smart military type

gossip is your nature. You look at problems sharply and thoroughly, and have many unique views on life. Friends like to talk to you no matter what problems they encounter, and let you give advice to solve the crisis. You naturally become the king of ideas in the circle, so your personality is distinctive, dare to say, dare to think and dare to do. For such you, you prefer the home design style with bright colors and strong sense of color. The stronger the sense of color contrast, the more you can show your attitude




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