Post-80s wedding decoration must see to alleviate

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The hardware facilities of the new couple's bathroom should not only highlight the elegant taste and sweet atmosphere, but also be harmonious with Feng Shui. Therefore, it is very particular about all kinds of facilities. If they are not properly arranged, it will easily lead to many troubles in the new couple's future life

contradiction 1: the location of the toilet that flushes luck

solution: the toilet, one of the important hardware facilities in the bathroom, should not be close to or directly opposite the door, and the farther it is from the door, the better, so as to avoid being flushed away as soon as luck enters the door. But for toilets with poor location, the simpler way to improve is that new people must cover the toilet at any time. Moreover, arrange the toilet in a position that can't be seen from the bathroom door, try to use the screen or curtain to separate it from the rest of the room or hall, ensure that it can't be seen from any mirror, and remember to keep the bathroom door closed at any time, especially the bathroom of the suite (bedroom)

contradiction 2: the toilet opposite to the door attacks the sitting phase

solution: the sitting direction of the toilet should not be opposite to the toilet door. If the new person sits on the toilet right opposite the door, it is not elegant and will cause a lack of money. It is better to stagger with the toilet door. In terms of direction, the more important point is that the toilet should not sit facing south, but rather avoid the toilet flushing the bed and the stove, so as to avoid the adverse situation of fire and water in the new couple's life

contradiction 3: messy wash basins are easy to annoy newcomers

solution: putting many cleaning and sanitary products on the wash basins will appear disorderly, which is easy to make newcomers feel irritable in the busy morning and cause quarrels. Therefore, it is advisable to nail a section of plate frame around the wash basin to place commonly used cosmetics, etc. The height of the board frame does not hinder the use of the faucet. The material can be wood, glass plate or a complete set of decorative frames in household goods stores

contradiction 4: windowless bathroom that impairs health

solution: if the bathroom has no external windows, you can hang a mirror on the wall to form an imaginary space. Generally speaking, the mirror can accelerate the flow of air energy, which has a positive effect on the bathroom, because the bathroom taboo is that the air is not circulating. If space permits, set up a Jacuzzi in the bathroom! The bubbles generated during bathing can impact the body to produce massage effect, which not only eliminates fatigue for new people, but also produces negative oxygen ions, which can clean indoor air and be beneficial to health




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