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Recently, my friends in Shanghai who are busy with decoration have complained to me many times, saying that Mingming hired Shanghai decoration company and still had to worry about this and that. My friend thought that the decoration company could finally save snacks. No, I'm still waiting for the decoration to be completed every day, for fear that an careless decoration company will give you a big surprise (scare)

recently, my friend in Shanghai, who was busy with decoration, complained to me many times that Mingming had to worry about this and that when he hired the Shanghai decoration company. My friend thought that the decoration company could finally save snacks. No, I'm still waiting for the decoration to be completed every day, for fear that an careless decoration company will give you a big surprise (scare)

look at this bad friend. If you had told me about it earlier, why would it be so miserable? I have been in the decoration industry in Shanghai for many years. I can tell my level by reporting to a Shanghai decoration company casually. So you are very lucky to be a little partner of the decoration company in Shanghai ~

Shanghai decoration company recommendation 1,

Recommendation Index: ★★★★

Company Address: the company is headquartered in Jiading District, Shanghai, and has 56 City branches across the country

decoration budget: low price and high quality, has always been the reputation of users

suitable for people: the social masses who pursue the texture of home, have limited budget, have no time to decorate or do not want to entangle with irresponsible decoration companies

areas of expertise: the company's business covers decoration platform, self owned decoration and repair business, franchise network, supply chain and other sub ecosystems, and is the preferred platform for home decoration services

team advantage: it has 56 urban sub stations, 8million registered members and 40000 building materials and home furnishing brand suppliers across the country, brings together 250000 well-known designers across the country, and has provided decoration solutions for 8.25 million owners

industry evaluation: it is an e-commerce platform focusing on the vertical fields of decoration, building materials and home furnishings. Once obtained “ The most trusted home decoration building materials e-commerce award ”. The company has always adhered to providing network home decoration users with lower prices, higher quality products and better home decoration services to help owners achieve a relaxed and reassuring home decoration experience. It has been highly praised by the industry

user experience:

@ uncle at home: because it is endorsed by Xiaoming, I believe my vision, and indeed did not disappoint me, pen heart. The decoration period is three months, and there are also some small episodes, but they all help me solve them. On the whole, I am still satisfied

@ OK OK: the failure of the decoration of the first house taught me a painful lesson. Only those who have experienced it know how shameless the decoration company is. This selection is recommended by friends, mainly guaranteed. As an intermediate platform for negotiation, decoration companies dare not be demons. I began to worry. I used the insurance specially. It's very good

@ my family is not yours: big companies are reliable. Originally, I wanted to find acquaintances to decorate. I shivered after reading some posts on the Internet, and then I began to find a decoration company on the Internet. The process was very smooth, and I was very satisfied after the decoration. I hope to come back next time. Hahahaha

Shanghai decoration company recommendation 2. Tongji classic design

Recommendation Index: ★★★★★

Company Address: Tongji high tech park, Yangpu District, Shanghai

decoration budget: the average area cost is 10000-20000 square meters

suitable for people: the pursuit of high-quality home decoration and villa, duplex and other large house owners

field of expertise: mainly engaged in the design and decoration of family and commercial spaces such as villas, Boutique Apartments and model houses

team advantages: it has more than 80 design elites, more than 40 national registered interior designers, more than 90 elite construction teams, four boutique design centers and a 1:1 real scene model room experience center

industry evaluation: Tongji classic design is the first batch of decoration service enterprises in Shanghai. It is famous for interior design and is praised by industry experts as the “ Magician ”. At the same time, it is also the chairman unit of Shanghai Decoration Industry Association, which has a certain influence in the industry

user experience:

@ dimao dada: the professional level of the designer is very high. The plan came out in three days, and then it was confirmed and revised again and again, and then finalized. The total is no more than five days. Then I started work, and now I'm still in the process of decoration. I'm looking forward to seeing my 80 square meter small apartment on the drawing.

@ what I have to say: after all, I graduated from Tongji University, so I found Tongji classics to decorate my new home without thinking much at the beginning. The designer is Tongji's College sister, and the design scheme is very humanized. I'm basically satisfied with my needs

recommended by Shanghai decoration company 3. Commander in chief decoration

recommended index: ★★★

Company Address: there are six direct branches in Shanghai, Pudong, Xuhui, Putuo, Baoshan, Jiading and Yangpu

decoration budget: the average area cost is 15000-30000 square meters

suitable for people: owners with sufficient budget and pursuit of quality of life

areas of expertise: business areas mainly include decoration projects such as medium and high-end residential buildings, commercial spaces, high-end hotels, high-end catering clubs, Commercial real estate and commercial investment

team advantage: it has an excellent young design team at home and abroad composed of hundreds of people, and its design works and engineering cases have won many domestic and foreign awards

industry evaluation: the enterprise has won the honorary titles of national gold medal construction enterprise, five-star enterprise with standard service in Shanghai, top ten enterprises of Shanghai home decoration, five benchmark enterprises of Shanghai home decoration, and the most innovative enterprise in Shanghai home decoration industry. It is committed to developing into the most trusted and respected decoration brand in China

user experience:

@ Fulai sauce: the new home is in Jiading, Shanghai, and it is usually busy with work. In fact, there is little time to see the decoration process. Most of the time, it is after work that I rush to have a look. Big companies still need to worry less. Building materials industry is a big brand. In short, I am satisfied

@ extraordinary: it's really a hard job to help the boss watch the decoration of the office all the time. Fortunately, the final decoration of the office still met the boss's expectations. The boss's own page is very satisfied. Well, I'm the boss's mother. Hahahaha

Shanghai decoration company recommended 4. Bo Tao decoration

Recommendation Index: ★★★

company address: the company is headquartered in Xuhui District, Shanghai

decoration budget: the average area cost is 5000-30000 square meters

suitable for people: medium and large-sized apartment owners who pursue a high-quality life and have a sufficient budget

areas of expertise: specializing in providing perfect decoration services integrating design, construction, main material purchase, material distribution, household product design, and after decoration services for medium and large-sized apartments and villas, Committed to building “ Extreme · Personality · Grade ” High quality living space

team advantage: it has a complete soft decoration material library nationwide, provides one-stop services of consultation, design, procurement and layout, customizes unique household products, carries out professional collocation from the overall style, shapes the image and details of the room in an all-round way, and fully reflects the nature, characteristics and taste connotation of different spaces

industry evaluation: Bo Tao decoration is full of honors and becomes “ The Consumer Protection Commission helps you find home decoration “ Recommended brand, rated as “ for 13 consecutive years; Shanghai trustworthy decoration enterprise ” And “ Shanghai Service pacesetter ”, Rated as “ for eight consecutive years; Shanghai's favorite home decoration brand ”, It has set an example for the development of enterprises in the industry in all aspects, and has become an excellent model for the development of the home decoration industry

user experience:

@ what are you doing: the 175 square meter house, bought a wallet has been empty more than half, but still don't want to casually find a decoration company to finish, friends recommended it, although it's more expensive, the scheme given is still a little level

@ rent-a-bag: decoration, building materials purchase, and soft decoration collocation are all bought in Bo Tao decoration. Is there any other loyal user like me

recommended by Shanghai decoration company 5. I love my family

recommended index: ★★★

Company Address: the company is headquartered in Shanghai, but has businesses in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui, Xinjiang and other places

decoration budget: I love the popular home decoration all inclusive package launched by my family, 699 yuan/㎡, 899 yuan/㎡, 1099 yuan/㎡, which is very cost-effective

suitable for people: young people who pursue personalization of home decoration and trust e-commerce platforms

areas of expertise: I love my family is a leading e-commerce platform for the whole industry chain of home decoration in China, which takes home decoration as the leader and covers building materials, furniture, home furnishings and home appliances. It is in a leading position in China in terms of three-dimensional live experience software, home decoration project management app, third-party fund supervision platform of banks, etc

team advantage: as a new Internet home decoration platform, I love my family has been committed to the continuous research and innovation of business model, strengthening technical investment, constantly mastering the market pulse, and promoting the healthy and rapid development of the industry. In 58 cities across the country, excellent model rooms have been built, creating a better decoration experience and constantly meeting the various needs of consumers

industry evaluation: I love my home network is a famous brand and high-tech enterprise in Shanghai; Top ten household e-commerce companies in China CCTV" Chinese brand of the year "e& quot; China's e-commerce industry portal with the most brand value "e;, Alexa ranks 719 in the world, and is rated the first place in home decoration websites by iResearch, an authoritative Internet evaluation organization in China

user experience:

@ yiren'er: I love my home when measuring and closing the room, and I love my home when the decoration industry is ready. The attitude of the staff is very good.

@jesejpy: Internet home decoration can achieve this level for a reason. After all, it is professional. After all, it is safeguarding the interests of users everywhere. In general, it saves the link of tearing B with the decoration company, and the mood is refreshing

I'll just mention these five Shanghai decoration companies, and I won't list many good Shanghai decoration companies one by one. In a word, in order to ensure the quality of decoration, we must choose a formal and high-quality decoration company. Only in this way can we design the most exquisite and stylish house. Don't let things go wrong for the sake of saving money for a while. It's cool to save money for a while after decoration, and you can only regret your tears alone




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