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Wardrobe is almost an essential furniture in the bedroom, and the type of wardrobe also affects the indoor decoration style to a great extent. Understand the following points, easily identify the quality of the wardrobe, and everyone can choose a safe and suitable wardrobe

I. whether the wardrobe is environmentally friendly

the formaldehyde content of good boards is very low, which can meet the national E1 standard, that is, the emission of formaldehyde is less than 1.5mg/l. Such boards are placed in the bedroom and will not cause harm to human body if they are in long-term contact with people. The highest formaldehyde emission level is E0, that is, the formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5mg/l. With the development of science and technology, some enterprises even launched log particle boards that boast zero formaldehyde. When we buy, we must carefully check the quality inspection report of the wardrobe to ensure that the wardrobe we buy will not cause harm to human body

II. Material selection of the wardrobe

according to the material of the wardrobe, the wardrobe can be divided into solid wood wardrobe and panel wardrobe. Solid wood wardrobe refers to the wardrobe made of natural wood, while panel wardrobe refers to the wardrobe based on wood-based panels such as particleboard or medium density fiberboard, and the surface is decorated with decorative panels and PVC overlays. It should be noted that it does not mean that the solid wood wardrobe must be more environmentally friendly than the panel wardrobe. The paint used in the solid wood wardrobe will also contain harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. When purchasing, you should carefully check the quality inspection report of the wardrobe

III. quality of accessories

hardware accessories of the wardrobe are important determinants of the service life of the wardrobe. When buying a wardrobe, you can't ignore the inspection of the hardware accessories of the wardrobe. For the wardrobe with sliding door design, the quality of wheels also occupies a very important position. When opening and closing the wardrobe door, a good pulley has the advantages of smooth pushing and pulling, wear resistance and pressure resistance, low noise, etc

IV. cabinet door and frame

pay attention to the pattern, color and style of the cabinet door and frame. The color of the wardrobe door and the border are not unified, and the pattern is not matched, which often means that this set of wardrobe is not from the same manufacturer, so you should check it carefully when you buy it

v. tightness of the wardrobe

when purchasing the wardrobe, you should pay attention to check whether the edge of the wardrobe is sealed. Some wardrobe with poor edge sealing treatment is easy to cause formaldehyde leakage, and it is also easy to cause deformation of the wardrobe after using for a period of time. Also pay attention to whether the cabinet door is tight when it is closed. For the wardrobe with symmetrical cabinet door, pay attention to whether the cabinet doors on both sides are symmetrical

VI. after sales service of the wardrobe

pay attention to the after-sales service time of the wardrobe. Generally, regular wardrobe brands have professional after-sales service, and pay attention to the warranty period of the wardrobe, so as to contact the business for handling in case of problems





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