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"Summer is not for profit! 299 preferential package is waiting for you!" Now in Wuhan home decoration market, many decoration companies have played the preferential package card. No matter in the off-season and peak season, various decoration package advertisements are flying all over the sky, and the package price is also very attractive, but many Wuhan decoration owners still ask: is the decoration package so cheap, really affordable? Is the cost performance really so high

the price of the package is too tempting

twoorthree years ago, the decoration package just spread to Jiangcheng. Because of its immature operation mode and the inadequate handling of details in the decoration process, many Jiangcheng decoration owners suffered from bitter lotus. However, this emerging decoration model has not gradually disappeared because of the regret among Jiangcheng owners, but has developed into a model implemented by decoration companies one after another, which shows that it can still meet the needs of owners in some aspects, and has its rationality and value of existence

the most attractive part of the decoration package is the package price which is significantly lower than the market price! Careful owners will also find that the leaflets distributed by various decoration companies often focus on the package price, hoping that the prices of 188/square meter and 299/square meter can attract more customers. It is undeniable that these prices are indeed quite tempting for decoration owners. Recommended reading: uncover the traps in Wuhan decoration package

is such a cheap package flashy? Generally, the package content given by decoration companies basically includes building materials products such as ceramic tiles, wallpaper, wall paint, floor bathroom, etc. some consumers calculate an account by themselves. If they buy these decoration building materials, they are easy to be cheated without knowing the purchase skills, and the cost may be much higher than the package price. "Price discount is the winning point of the decoration package, just like eating in a restaurant. If the food in the package is ordered individually, the total price is definitely higher than that in the package. Although the package contains some unwanted and unnecessary things, it is also acceptable because it is cheap. If you don't have much requirements for decoration, or the focus is decoration rather than decoration, then it is more cost-effective to choose the decoration package." General manager Zhao of a decoration company explained the high cost performance of the decoration package

can the decoration mode really save

the decoration package looks so attractive. Can it really save a lot of decoration costs for decoration owners? According to the decoration experience of many Wuhan owners, after choosing the decoration package, there are size problems that need to be solved by themselves

why is the package price cheap? The main reason is that many decoration companies offer package services similar to basic processes such as wall painting and tiling. If you want to hang a roof and lay some cabinets at home, you need to calculate extra money. The price of some packages is too low, and may not even include hydropower transformation. The owner also needs to understand that the number of building materials products included in the package, such as kitchen cabinets, floors, doors, etc., is limited. Sometimes it is difficult to meet your decoration needs, and you also need to add money to buy sufficient building materials products

frankly, decoration companies have their own helplessness in doing so. "The reason for launching various decoration packages is that on the one hand, we really want to make some profits for new and old customers, and on the other hand, we hope to attract more owners. The price of decoration packages is too low. If we do all the services, we will definitely lose money." But now some decoration companies in Wuhan like to fight smoke wars after launching decoration packages. If consumers do not consult the package content, building materials quantity and brand, service items and package rules in detail, designers rarely take the initiative to explain and emphasize, and choose the default is that you already know. Therefore, whether the decoration mode can really be saved still needs the owners' friends to recalculate an account according to their own decoration needs after detailed consultation

quality depends on building materials

when the owner decorates, in addition to paying attention to the cost, the decoration quality is also the primary consideration. How to judge the quality of the decoration package? The quality of building materials, especially the main materials, plays a decisive role

before choosing the decoration mode, don't be dazzled by the low price discount of the decoration package and sign the bill regardless. Instead, you should carefully understand the types and models of building materials contained in the package from the designer, so as to prevent some decoration companies from colluding with the building materials manufacturers and substituting inferior products for good ones, and ultimately the owner will suffer. When understanding the information of building materials, we need to pay special attention to the building materials of kitchen and bathroom. Kitchen cabinets, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, etc. are the major part of the money spent in the decoration process. Their quality can directly reflect the cost performance of the set meal. Secondly, wall paint and other building materials products directly related to home health. Be sure to know the brand and model of the paint and coating included in the package and whether it is environmentally friendly. Some decoration companies will buy a "healthy" mine for home safety in order to make more profits by shoddy paint

Xiaobian suggests that you'd better consult people who have decoration experience around you. Whether to choose the decoration package or not depends on the actual situation of your family, rather than on how low the decoration package price is




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