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Ziguang IOT uiot super smart home, as a brand model in the smart home industry, has become the preferred supplier brand of China's top 500 real estate development enterprises for two consecutive years

the 2018 China real estate annual procurement summit and the third benchmark developer and excellent supplier award ceremony were held at Hangzhou International Expo Center, China

how fast and cost-effective is a new requirement put forward by the market for real estate enterprises when the real estate industry enters a cold winter

most of them need to scale up and diversify the layout of products; Fast capital efficiency and fast operation speed, eliminating the bottleneck of cross enterprise and cross department collaboration; Good is good product quality and good customer living experience; Saving is low cost and eliminating ineffective costs

stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade! The "2018 top 10 supplier industry competitiveness list" just released is the real name recommendation of the high-quality suppliers they cooperated with in 2018 by the 1900+ developers of Mingyuan cloud procurement platform. In order to ensure the authority, professionalism and reference value of the top 10 supplier industry competitiveness list, this selection lasted for two months, and set up four checkpoints: developer recommendation, online voting, cloud procurement big data screening, and developer expert review, From 3244 registered suppliers, 330 top ten suppliers in the industry were selected, and the selection process was completely fair, open and transparent

the evaluation of four dimensions

more than 1900 developers personally recommended comments in real name,

the list with the most procurement reference value in 2019

more than 1900 developers recommended 56517 times in total, reflecting the industry reputation of suppliers

3.75 million online votes to evaluate the brand influence of suppliers

100000 recruitment bidding entries, top 100 cooperation cases, and customer coverage

14 City 300 general procurement on-site evaluation and scoring. Finally, the top ten suppliers in 33 industries were selected. Uiot super smart home won the top four smart home suppliers of real estate enterprises in 2018

The products of real estate enterprises are ultimately oriented to C-end consumers. Therefore, the future fine decoration industry should not only realize the industrialization of decoration, meet the demands of real estate enterprises to improve quality and efficiency and reduce costs, but also meet the personalized, high-quality, green, environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable living needs of C-end consumers

at present, the stability of smart home integrated system is the most worrying problem for real estate enterprises. At the same time, there are a series of services that need to be provided by suppliers, such as installation and post maintenance. Because many real estate enterprises use embedded installation, once there is a problem, the later maintenance is very difficult and costly

it can be said that smart home is an industry that focuses on both products and services. The quality of products and the stability of the system are only the starting blocks to open the engineering channel. Installation and after-sales service are also extremely important

uiot super smart home has been continuously developing integrated solutions, products, systems and after-sales services in recent years, which are well-known in real estate enterprises, and therefore have a very high market share in smart home engineering channels

uiot super smart home, as a brand model in the smart home industry, gives full play to the smart home to drive the strong transformation and upgrading of the real estate industry with the future life trend of high technology, fully meets the intelligent life of users in the whole house, and helps the overall profitability of real estate projects. Uiot super smart home has become the preferred supplier brand of China's top 500 real estate development enterprises for two consecutive years. The products have been successfully applied to more than 200 real estate projects of Vanke, poly, country garden, Greenland Group and other top 100 real estate enterprises

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