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Experts teach you three accounts of actuarial decoration

basic decoration + main materials + home appliances and furniture

decoration is inseparable from expenses. You may not know how to spend the money and how to spend it. Generally speaking, we must act according to our ability according to the amount of "silver" in our pockets, moderate consumption and planned consumption, and then we can easily move into our new house. There are roughly three expenses that we need to know well: basic decoration expenses + main materials expenses + household appliances and furniture expenses. Here we specially invite experts to calculate the account for you, so as to help you with your decoration. The principle of decoration is to decorate the best home space environment with the existing conditions. Not the most expensive but the best. We should consume moderately according to our ability. Good cost performance is the key. Environmental protection + health is the most important point that cannot be ignored

the principle of decoration is to decorate the best home space environment with the existing conditions

cheap is not necessarily equal to "affordable"

remember: every penny counts! Don't covet "cheap" at will. Cheap will never equal "affordable". There is no free lunch in the world. Similarly, "cheap" will always have a cheap "reason"

for many consumers, it doesn't matter. They spend their attention and expenses on "main materials" or other "bright sides". We must not ignore and underestimate "basic decoration". Basic decoration is often not "basic" in real life, and its decisive role is often beyond your imagination, such as waterproof of concealed works, circuit transformation, etc, Even related to the quality of life and life safety in the future. Therefore, we must not "save" where we should spend money. Tips from decoration experts: spend money on "blades". We must not save on projects that benefit from one-time investment for a long time. We must use good products in aspects such as "circuit transformation" in the wall, because once there is a problem, it can be a "major event". In some places such as "exposed surface", such as "power plug-in board", it can be used generally. Once it is damaged, it can be replaced with a "new one". For some places that may not have been "moved" for "a lifetime", it can be directly omitted. For example, when "wall treatment behind cabinets in the kitchen", it can be omitted or paved with "ordinary wall tiles", which is completely feasible to save some costs

remember: every penny counts

avoid losing too much for too little

the same is true for the purchase of main materials, unless you are a "big money", only enjoy dignity and comfort, and don't care about the price. Ordinary consumers can fully consider using brands or high-quality products (such as faucets) in some projects that they often see or use repeatedly, while ordinary and uncommon products can be considered. This can also greatly reduce the overall cost. No matter how you save, don't save blindly. Targeted and comparative savings should be made. It is strictly forbidden to save money for small gain

choose furniture according to your own use needs and the size of the living room area

don't rush to buy furniture

for the purchase of furniture, experts suggest that you should choose appropriately according to your own use needs and the size of the living room area. Don't just order furniture in the home building materials market with the "naked eye". You must clearly understand the actual area and size of your home space. If necessary, you can measure the size and even let the designer "place" it in the floor plan to see whether it conforms to aesthetics and use, and then it's not too late to order in the market

experts suggest that furniture should not be purchased in a hurry before decoration, but can be reordered after decoration according to site conditions and actual needs

decoration is also "financial management"

experts put forward a view for your reference: decoration is also a kind of "financial management". Good decoration can make the home space more beautiful and comfortable, and maintain the high quality, happiness and health of life forever with everyone. And good decoration projects can be maintained for a relatively long time, at least 5 years, 10 years or even longer without considering the house; An unsuccessful decoration project may affect the mood of consumers with worry and depression as soon as it is designed and started, and the "problem project" is doomed not to last longer, which may save a lot of decoration costs to a certain extent, but in exchange for the embarrassing dilemma of "decoration every three or two years". Therefore, experts propose to use money "where it is more needed", whether it is expensive or cheap





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