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Introduction to the construction of Changping Expressway assisted by XCMG asphalt mixing plant: Recently, as an important exit channel in the southeast of Shanxi Province and an important part of the provincial three vertical eleven horizontal eleven ring highway, the construction project of Changping expressway has entered the final decisive period. In the construction site of the highway stretching more than 90 kilometers, we see the most is the XCMG pavement machine

recently, Changping expressway construction project, as an important exit channel in the southeast of Shanxi Province and an important part of the province's "three vertical, eleven horizontal and eleven ring" highway, has entered the final decisive period. At the construction site of the highway stretching more than 90 kilometers, we see the most pavement machinery and equipment of XCMG, including the fourth generation of pavement machinery just launched by XCMG. The application of this series of products provides a more reasonable solution for highway construction units to improve the quality and efficiency of pavement construction and promote the intelligent combined operation mode of machine groups. It can be said that the advent of XCMG's fourth generation pavement machinery has promoted the rapid development of China's highway construction and made China reach the international advanced level in the manufacturing of new pavement construction machinery

XCMG asphalt mixing plant helped build Changping Expressway excellent quality helped build Changping Expressway the team came to the construction site of contract section lm3 of Changping Expressway in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, which was constructed by Changzhi Changxing road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changxing road and bridge). Shanxi Changping Expressway from Changzhi to Pingshun has a construction mileage of 98.153 km, of which the lm3 contract section is 17.05 km long. It was officially started on December 1, 2009 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010

it can be seen from the construction site of lm3 contract section that almost all the equipment used by the construction party are products of XCMG, including xd2 series double steel wheel vibratory roller, large series intelligent paver, Xap series asphalt concrete mixing station and other fourth generation pavement machinery products. XCMG xap320 asphalt mixing plant was entrusted with the important task in the construction of this project

2004, Changxing road and Bridge purchased the first XCMG asphalt mixing plant and participated in the construction of many projects with this equipment. The whole machine has stable operation, good continuity and low failure rate, which has brought huge profits to Changxing road and bridge. "The excellent cost performance, efficient construction efficiency and low construction and operation cost of the first XCMG asphalt mixing plant have increased our confidence in XCMG products, especially XCMG asphalt mixing plant." Wangjunbin, director of the Finance Department of Changxing road and bridge, praised XCMG's products. In order to successfully complete the lm3 contract section of Changping expressway, wangjunbin, director of Changxing road and Bridge assets and finance department, decided to add a brand-new asphalt mixing plant to the project department. Before purchasing the equipment, he comprehensively compared the products of many manufacturers, including cold material supply system vibration, screening system, weighing system, control system, etc. Among them, wangjunbin had an almost harsh condition when purchasing equipment: the selected asphalt mixing plant must have a production record of 180 °, and only XCMG products meet this condition. Finally, he chose to bring XCMG's xap320 asphalt mixing plant with "a strange smell in the air" to the construction site of Changping expressway

xap320 asphalt mixing plant is an outstanding representative of XCMG pavement machinery. It adopts dual host thermal redundancy control system, and the whole set of equipment is fully automatic intelligent control, with accurate measurement, stable temperature and high output; Real time monitoring of production process operation status, intelligent fault diagnosis, automatic alarm, and network remote diagnosis service can be realized. The advanced "flying material self-learning dynamic adjustment" technology, combined with the "negative pressure main building" and the overall anti vibration design, can effectively reduce the impact on the weighing accuracy and ensure the accuracy and stability of weighing. Using XCMG's proprietary mixing technology, through the reasonable matching of mixer structure, motion parameters, blade spiral arrangement, shell filling ratio and mixing time, the mixing uniformity is improved by 20% compared with the traditional technology

when talking about XCMG's fourth generation pavement machinery, Sun Zuwang, an expert in China's road construction machinery industry, spoke highly of it: "XCMG's fourth generation road machinery integrates the most advanced technology in the world today and represents the highest level of construction machinery at present. Of course, we will have development in the future. Whether it is the appearance of machinery or the quality of operation, it should be said that it is completely comparable with some well-known foreign brands in terms of technical level."

at the construction site, XCMG group, a mechanical equipment manufacturer and a leading enterprise in China's road construction machinery industry as the right arm of the builder and construction unit, has dozens of sets of pavement machinery involved in the construction of Changping expressway, providing a sophisticated construction "weapon" for the smooth completion of the project. In August, 2010, XCMG xap320 asphalt mixing plant was stationed at the construction site and officially put into the construction of the project. In the actual construction process, xap320, as XCMG's fourth generation pavement machinery, also fulfilled its mission and was highly endorsed by the construction company for its high reliability, high security and advanced technical performance. In two months, The excellent construction performance of xap320 satisfied wangjunbin: "Up to now, this equipment has not had any problems, and its performance has reached my expectations. The cold material supply system of xap320 is energy-saving and flexible; the drying drum system and vibrating screening system have high reliability and adaptability; the hot bone storage system has large capacity, accurate ingredients, convenient operation and long service life; the weighing system is stable and high precision; the mixing system has uniform distribution and high mixing quality; the control system has high reliability and good operation comfort."

high quality service escorts

nowadays, as the gap between construction machinery enterprises in product differentiation, marketing differentiation and other aspects is becoming smaller and smaller, service has become the field with the largest spatial elasticity for enterprises to seek differentiation. Most of the time, the service not only reflects the difference in maintenance level and response speed, but also reflects the difference in section and service spirit between service details and laser sintering, which also directly affects the loyalty of users to the brand

for users of XCMG, when they buy a XCMG equipment, they also get the full support of a complete after-sales service system. In order to ensure the smooth construction of this asphalt mixing plant in the lm3 contract section of Changping expressway, XCMG sent a professional service team to track the whole process of service while the equipment entered the site, monitor the operation of the mixing plant at any time, and minimize the failure rate. Even if there is a failure, the service team can repair it immediately to ensure the construction period to the greatest extent. XCMG's excellent technology and good service spirit were affirmed by wangjunbin: "XCMG asphalt mixing plant is in the leading position in terms of quality and performance among products of the same industry, so we must add load. Now we are equipped with professional service personnel to implement the integrity care service of the enterprise in the front line of construction and provide the safest, most affordable and most honest service to the majority of owners, which makes us very happy and makes me more confident in cooperating with XCMG!"

as a loyal customer of XCMG, wangjunbin also put forward many valuable suggestions for the improvement of XCMG's asphalt mixing plant. "As an old expert in the construction machinery industry, Minister Wang's comments and suggestions to Xugong Q: what is the current localization level of non-metallic materials such as automotive engineering plastics and long glass fiber reinforced plastics in China? Can domestic materials meet the current use requirements? What aspects of domestic raw material enterprises need to be improved? They are very valuable. The more opinions he gives us, the faster the quality and service level of our products will be improved." Linli, the sales director of the mixing plant of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., thanked Wang Junbin for his valuable comments

excellent products and services have strengthened customers' confidence in expanding business. Wangjunbin said that after completing the construction of Changping expressway, he will continue to undertake new projects and continue to fight with this excellent asphalt mixing plant and other XCMG machinery. "I will also buy XCMG products again, because excellent machine quality and all-round service can make the project go more smoothly and worry free."

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