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Hengde xhd series computer crosscutting control system

aiming at the characteristics of domestic corrugated board production lines, Hengde company has developed the xhd series computer crosscutting control system, which uses the latest special servo drive controller for corrugated board crosscutting as the main control component, touch screen operation and display, and AC servo motor as the executive component. It is applicable to the transformation of mechanical crosscutting machines in various domestic corrugated board production lines

main indicators:

● accuracy: ± 1mm

● cutting length: 400mm ~ 10000mm

Honeywell has about 12000 employees in China

● cutting width: 14m ~ 2.5m

● speed: 6O m ~ 250m/min

main features of the system:

● it is designed and manufactured by German technology and European Cl e standard, with high reliability, easy operation and easy maintenance:

● cross cutting accuracy ± 1mm, There is no waste board for the speed change. After 10 years of service, he has also maintained the factory precision for the development of the experimental machine:

● adapt to the harsh environment of the workshop site, and is resistant to high temperature, humidity and dust. It is directly installed in front of the machine without adding an air conditioner:

● directly use AC power supply to adapt to the fluctuation of electric voltage without adding a transformer and voltage regulator. It is green and energy-saving, with power consumption of 3 degrees/hour and small starting current, Effectively save electricity cost and reduce workshop electrical load:

● with simulation test run function, the system can be debugged without running the board. The on-site transformation takes only 6 hours to reduce the debugging cost:

● add the color code following cross cutting function after pre printing, The color code following crosscutting accuracy is ± 0.5mm

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