Zhihuo Kesi creates passive house with polyurethan

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Covestro builds passive houses with polyurethane exterior wall insulation

covestro builds passive houses with polyurethane exterior wall insulation

May 10, 2017

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covestro has promoted the development of low-cost houses by joining hands with logelis, a French Delong pre-processing company

the passive house named "house of nations" uses a kind of wall panel with polyurethane as the core layer. This kind of wall panel is light in texture and has good heat insulation effect. It only needs 970 yuan per square meter

covestro has now effectively provided polyurethane to a pilot building in the "house of the nation" in the German area of Bergisch gradbach. The building is built by covestro with intelligent equipment supported by logelis and covestro technology, which is gradually changing the manual operation habits that have been circulating for thousands of years

Markus steilemann, the chief business hall of costron, said: "the construction of this high-cost energy-saving building took only four weeks."

through this pilot project, we want to show how we work with partners to ensure a fast and affordable housing supply. This is very challenging in many cities. "

Lutz Urbach, the market of bergish gradbach, said: "communities like bergish gradbach often face the challenge of supplying affordable houses to the public as soon as possible."

the outer layer of this model building is wrapped with polyurethane used to insulate the heat when the gap exceeds the standard. The wall panel is made of self-supporting prefabricated components, and its central part is polyurethane foam wrapped in a thin cement layer. The floor and ceiling are also insulated with polyurethane.

kostron's wall panel weighs 100 kg, saving fuel for transportation through simple installation. This "house of nations" is a single story building, equipped with two rooms, a kitchen and a toilet

kostrow and logelis also cooperated with a charity l'uvre d'Orient to provide this housing model to people in Erbil and Iraqi Kurdish areas, where 70 houses were built for refugees displaced by the Iraqi civil war

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