Zhihuo Keyuan Co., Ltd. was approved to establish

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Keyuan Co., Ltd. was approved to establish the "Jiangsu Thermal Automation Engineering Technology Research Center"

in golden autumn, sweet osmanthus fragrance. Recently, good news came from Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and technology. Nanjing Keyuan Automation Group Co., Ltd., such as seamless steel pipe, has been officially approved to set up Jiangsu thermal automation engineering technology research center

"Jiangsu Thermal Automation Engineering Technology Research Center" is expected to have a total investment of more than 25million yuan. According to the business development needs of the company, the center will focus on the application research of thermal automation technology in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction in the next few years, develop the NT6000 distributed control system with independent intellectual property rights, and solve the problems of large sample cross-section selection box unit, new energy, comprehensive energy utilization power generation The investment scope of environmental protection engineering control and other difficult problems can be large or small, so as to continuously provide mature supporting technologies, processes, equipment and products for the relevant power generation industry, and drive the technical level improvement and scientific and technological progress of the domestic thermal automation industry. After the establishment of the center, a development team with a size of more than 100 people will be formed, and the new output value in the year of achievement transformation will reach more than 200million yuan. Keyuan Co., Ltd. will take this opportunity to form a product chain in the four directions of "process automation, power plant informatization, equipment automation and field instrumentation" in the next five years, gradually strengthen its core technical capabilities, eventually replace imported products and services, and strive to become a domestic first-class supplier of production process automation and management informatization technology and services in process industry, Build the largest thermal automation engineering center in Jiangning province and even in East China

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