Zhihuo Yankuang coal to methanol plant put into op

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Yankuang coal to methanol plant put into operation recently, the largest coal to methanol plant with an annual output of 500000 tons in China was completed and put into operation in Guohong company of Yankuang Group. This is the world's first set of 500000 tons of coal to 5 If there is no methanol device in the plant according to the experimental plan, the fiber tensile testing machine device can digest millions of tons of high sulfur coal and reduce more than 40000 tons of sulfur dioxide smoke after it is put into operation

the high sulfur coal reserves in Yankuang Group are about 1billion tons. For a long time, due to the high desulfurization cost, the state has restricted the mining and use of high sulfur coal. Through this device, Yankuang Group can convert high sulfur coal into methanol, a clean energy raw material with a purity of 99.999%. Among them, more than 20000 tons of sulfur extracted by transformation can generate more than 70million yuan for 1. Quality enterprises every year. The completion and operation of the project marks that China's comprehensive development and utilization of high sulfur coal and the development of coal based alcohol ether fuel technology have reached the world advanced level and entered the stage of large-scale development

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