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Hong Kong printing industry talks about the development trend of printing in the 21st century

Hong Kong printing industry talks about the development trend of printing in the 21st century

1. The future order growth of the printing industry mainly comes from the Internet. The universal digitization of picture and text sources, the simplification of DTP publishing, the popularization of broadband networks, and the market will move towards globalization

2. The future printing industry must pay attention to the diversification of services. Customer needs - one stop service, the industry can take advantage of its expertise in processing graphics and text, according to the exhibition related markets, digital printing, digital photography, CD, VCD burning, as well as Internet page making, customer database management, etc., to seek value-added in multimedia. CTF simulation products in the future or as the microphone paper Phototypesetting, the success of electronic separation and overprinting retired, enterprises must be prepared for transformation

3. In the future post press processing industry, we must pay attention to the progress of CIP3. Most of the devices displayed by drupa are equipped with man-machine dialogue windows and network interfaces. Failure to accept digital process management will affect the ability to receive orders

4. digital flow will gradually replace logistics in the future. The printing mode of anytime, anywhere and volume will grow rapidly. From the above point of view, advanced network processes such as function, quotation, order placing, manuscript checking and monitoring reduce the printing operation cost, and the printing market depends more on network transmission

5. Digital products in the future will continue to expel analog products, including compu ferfo plale, which is now in the ascendant. The warning signal issued by DICOweb, screen's large 4K ink digital printing and xelkon's large 4K card box digital printing are all exerting pressure on analog intermediary products. The simulation carrier plate has the hidden worry of "Huangque should tighten the plastic wood composite materials in real time in order to get good performance and meet the conditions in the future", and the investment must also be reviewed

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