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New exploration for the development of the printing industry to expand the business of the Internet platform

following the active expansion of the network survival mode in the Graphic Express Printing industry, the traditional printing industry has also begun to actively explore the way to develop Internet resources. In the early stage of printing, the Digital Express Printing industry was only exploring the road of customized printing. Now, with the development of cloud computing concept and the maturity of mobile Internet devices, the printing industry has formed a wholesale exhibition carrier by using internet platforms to expand its business, which has become a new exploration for the development of the printing industry. At the same time, it has also driven the heating up of new talent training in the printing industry. An emerging concept will always lead to the development of a new market

under the impact of the Internet, the printing industry is often criticized for failing to respond in time and gradually declining. However, in recent years, e-readers, smartphones, tablet computers, cloud computing, and the development of low-cost and fake aluminum alloy cables in recent years, which are out of focus, have inspired the printing industry to embrace digital. The clue can be seen from the grapgexpo exhibition in Chicago in mid September. In addition to displaying the technology of publishing and printing throughout the whole process, the venue increased the weight of software, because only software can integrate technology to manage business processes and restart the recession. Among them, mobile to print and the use of cloud resources are the most eye-catching

traditional printing requires the buyer and the seller to discuss face-to-face. Only after the trial printing is satisfactory can it be officially started, which is time-consuming and laborious. With the network and the steady progress of printing technology, more and more people send manuscripts to the printing factory for printing through the network, and they don't have to go back to the office to turn on the computer to work on the road. Therefore, there is a call for mobile printing to change the web into mobile. For example, pageflex showed its pagepopapp at the venue and moved web to print to iPad

how much is the need for cloud printing? Take a look at the information of the United States. Printing is the third largest manufacturing industry in the United States, with onemillion people and an annual output value of 160billion US dollars. In recent years, 4% of the output has turned to network, but printing still accounts for 40% of advertising revenue. There are more than 30000 printers in China, of which 80% have less than 20 employees. Because digital is not the specialty of the printing industry, it is almost impossible to use digital or e-commerce operations. This situation has lasted for many years. Places outside the United States may vary from place to place, but I'm afraid they are almost the same

this leads to another topic, namely graphic arts education. Amid the call for the death of printing, the departments related to printing in the school have become unpopular. Now it seems that printing can live for a while, but it is facing a serious shortage of manpower, especially the manpower that combines digital and printing. Therefore, it is proposed to start from the school to make students interested in printing and printing in a broad sense. This is a long-term plan, which is not urgent. How to solve this fundamental problem depends on the wisdom of scholars and experts

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