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Printing industry: face the challenge and prepare for the Olympic Games

the typesetting center of the Beijing News Agency printing plant is responsible for the typesetting, printing and production of newspapers and periodicals such as Beijing and Beijing Evening News. The typesetting center has a modern computer typesetting system. This system is internally connected with the collection and editing network system in the newspaper office, and externally forms a wide area through the Internet and satellite version transmission system, which can transmit the electronic documents of the newspaper layout and print and publish in different places. The daily typesetting volume of the typesetting center can reach more than 100 newspaper pages. Prepress equipment includes ctp2 made in Denmark, 4 imported phototypesetters and 6 imported and exported printing plates. The printing workshop has 4 groups of 8 sets of game position exchange high-speed color newspaper printing machines between large-scale tower coke steel enterprises of Roland Geerman purchased from Germany, and 2 groups of 4 sets of unisett medium-sized high-speed color newspaper offset rotary machines manufactured by Roland company of Germany. One croset small high-speed color printing machine manufactured by German Roland company. The maximum production capacity of all seven groups of 13 printing machines is 1million pairs of opening newspapers per hour, and the printing capacity of the printing center is about 10million pairs of opening newspapers per day

challenge: uneven configuration of equipment structure

due to the lack of prepress plate making equipment, the bottleneck is often due to the one-time transmission of the edition of the evening paper, and the process of making and printing it into plate making is a bottleneck, which affects the timeliness of publishing. This year, we have updated the prepress equipment, To welcome the [the printing task of the Olympic Games is planned to further carry out technical transformation at the beginning of next year, improve production efficiency, increase the plate punching machine and the supporting full-automatic bending and punching production line, etc. at the same time, speed up the plate transmission system.

countermeasures: hardware and software two pronged approach

due to the excessive investment in basic construction, the production cost remains high, and losses have been incurred for many years since the printing center was opened. The average annual loss is about 10million yuan. In order to change In this situation and in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games, we have mainly done the following work

equipment input. Mainly the transformation of printing machine. In the original four groups of eight large-scale tower high-speed color newspaper printing machines, two lines are single color. However, due to the increase of color advertising, the utilization rate of the two lines is not high, and they are often in a semi idle state. In order to improve the utilization rate of existing equipment and meet the production requirements, the transformation project of the printing machine was launched under the decision of the group leaders in 2005. Through friendly cooperation with Roland workers in Germany, we successfully completed the project of transforming single color production line into double color line on May 1st, 2006. Therefore, the production capacity of the printing plant increased by 30%, and the production capacity of double color increased by 100%. Part of Beijing Evening News has been reduced to be printed on behalf of others. Due to the successful transformation of the printing machine, Beijing has historically realized double-sided color printing on January 1 this year. At the same time, it has undertaken more printing shares of Xinbao with 1 circular arc synchronous gear belt. The output and output value of the printing factory have been greatly increased, making the printing factory turn losses into profits in one fell swoop last year with an average loss of 10million yuan over the years. The accumulated profit is more than 2 million yuan. This good development trend continued from January to October this year, with a cumulative profit of more than 10 million yuan. At the same time, it has laid a material foundation for the newspaper printing of the Olympic Games. Next year, printing plants will make great efforts in reducing production costs, saving energy and consumption

strengthen management. According to the requirements of the Newspaper Association and the international newspaper printing standards, the printing quality of newspapers should be managed digitally, standardized and standardized. Print quality issues will be included in the focus of next year's management. First of all, from the technical quality of workers to carry out theoretical and practical training, we have sent personnel to brother printing plant to study. The post system of quality is linked to personal benefits. Add necessary testing instruments and use scientific management means to manage the printing quality. In terms of machinery and equipment, the software and hardware of prepress and printing machine will be systematically maintained to meet the requirements of high efficiency, high speed, high output and high quality of newspaper printing in printing plants during the Olympic Games<2. Lifting fatigue test lifting fatigue test is a frequently used and accurate method to obtain the fatigue limit of metal materials or structures/p>

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