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During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the output value of Guangdong's printing industry rose from 1/5 to 1/4. This was learned from the 2006 provincial Conference on publishing management and cultural market law enforcement held yesterday

Cai Dongshi, deputy secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and leader of the provincial cultural market management leading group, Zhu Xiaodan, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, Minister of publicity and deputy leader of the provincial cultural market management leading group, Lei Yulan, deputy governor and deputy leader of the provincial cultural market management leading group, and other leaders attended the meeting

it was learned from the meeting that during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the publishing (copyright) industry in Guangdong developed steadily and healthily. At present, there are 21 book publishing houses, 134 newspapers, 377 periodicals, 22 audio-visual publishing units, 16108 printing enterprises and 17129 distribution points of various books and newspapers in the province. Over the past five years, Guangzhou has also been conducive to measuring the wear distribution of the friction surface. The eastern book publishing industry has worked hard to promote the balanced development of the import and export of copyright trade. In 2004, the import and export of book copyrights of publishing houses in the province increased by 8 compared with 2003 respectively. The developed new polymers can enhance the conductivity and thermal conductivity 9% and 223%. Copyright output rose sharply, with a growth rate of 3.6 times the national average. The total output value of the printing industry in the province ranks first in the country, and the CD production capacity and market share of the replication industry account for more than 60% of the country. Guangdong has become one of the most dynamic regions in China's Publishing (copyright) industry, and one of the largest distribution centers of China's cultural products, and represents the highest level in China's printing and audio-visual fields

at the meeting, the delegates specifically notified that they also discussed the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" of Guangdong's publishing industry in groups

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