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In the printing industry, the report on the magic picture in picture technology market recently launched by Beijing Zhongchuang Huatian Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that there was a great response and visited the project manager of the company. He gave us a straightforward introduction: wonderful time magic picture in picture is a high-tech image product developed by our company with independent intellectual property rights. It can slightly process any ordinary picture and change it in an instant. The picture actually moves, the landscape seems to live, the characters seem to come out, there are pictures in the picture, clever interaction, people move with the picture, and the picture moves with people! It has a strong visual impact and shock to see whether it meets the provisions of national standards or industry standards, and brings people new artistic enjoyment. In the process of application, this technology can give full play to personal creativity, such as making business cards, recipes, calendars, handicrafts, wedding photos, etc. it is printed by beiren, a creative derivative market, and its sales cover many industries such as printing, imaging, handicrafts, advertising, etc. at the same time, its processing and production are simple and convenient, not limited by seasons and regions. It is really a good project with small investment and quick results

then I came to a printing shop that operated wonderful time magic picture in picture and interviewed the boss there. When asked about the profitability, the boss said happily: the project I operated can never make money faster than this kind of wonderful time magic picture in picture. In this era of fashion and personality, the novel and changing effects of wonderful time magic picture in picture make people have a strong desire to buy, Not only are fashion white-collar workers and student couples appearing frequently, many wedding photos have become the main force of consumption because of the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries. Think about it. According to the specification of 60*80cm, the average cost of a picture in picture light box is only 160 yuan, and the market price can be sold to 1000 yuan. Plus the printing products of other modes of picture in picture, such as the production of personalized and highly automated wedding photos, batch production of craft decorative paintings, etc., my annual profit here can reach 600000, and the cost is just the investment of several computer printers

relevant people in the industry learned that in the new economic era, the printing industry is facing a severe test. With the continuous introduction of new processes, new equipment and new technologies, special printing products have sprung up in the industry. More and more traditional printing enterprises see their advantages such as high profit, small competition and large growth space, and expand their operations in time to maintain profit growth. It seems that this is true. Friends who are interested in investing might as well consider the wonderful time magic picture in picture project of Beijing Zhongchuang Huatian Technology Co., Ltd. maybe this is really a good choice

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