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Anhui Huainan centralized regulation of the printing industry

on February 10, the leading group of anti pornography and anti illegal activities in Huainan City, Anhui Province decided to concentrate for about a month and a half (the cost of a sexual plastic tableware recycling and liquidation from February 20 to the end of March is too high) to carry out a special action of centralized law enforcement in the printing industry, control the stretching of samples to a certain position from the source, and maintain the steady and healthy development of the printing and publishing market

the first law enforcement action is to comprehensively inspect printing enterprises. Implement a strict system, decompose tasks, and refine them to people. Conduct carpet inspections of printing enterprises in the city, and the first law enforcement team is responsible for Tianjiaan district; The second law enforcement team is responsible for Datong District and Panji district; The third team of the oiling method is also responsible for the inspection of printing enterprises in Xiejiaji District, Bagong mountain area and Maoji experimental area, and the registration of inspection conditions to ensure that there are no omissions, blanks and dead corners. Second, comprehensively check the typing and copying business units. Conduct a carpet inventory of typing and copying business places in the city. Take the method of street washing and lane fighting to carry out a comprehensive inventory, and carry out street by street and lane by Lane inventory of the main streets and important lanes in the urban area. Third, we will severely crack down on and ban illegal business activities such as unlicensed printing enterprises and typing and copying business units. During the inspection, once it is found that the printing enterprises and typing and copying business units operating without licenses meet the license conditions, they shall be ordered to apply for the license within a time limit. Those that do not meet the license conditions of high cost of ordinary PE mulching film shall be handed over to the public security and industrial and commercial departments for banning

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