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At present, there are many kinds of package connection methods. Packaging and printing enterprises are increasing operational investment, expanding plant and purchasing equipment. From the perspective of investment behavior, packaging and printing enterprises are maintaining a double-digit growth rate. In fact, packaging and printing are also one of the few areas in the printing market that have not been impacted by electronic media

zumbiel packaging company in Cincinnati, the United States, increased its factory area by 180000 square feet and introduced a 56 inch Roland R900 UV printing machine with a water-based roller coater. This offset, gravure and flexographic printing enterprise currently has two cardboard processing plants in Cincinnati and Hebron, covering a total area of 500000 square feet

BOEHMER carton factory in Kitchener recently invested $10million to upgrade the factory and increased its annual sales by about 20%. In addition, the cardboard packaging and printing factory also hired 40 new employees. The investment of the company includes a 6-color 56 inch gaobao rapida 142 printer with coating device installed in the new plant. In addition, the company with 270 employees has also installed a digital color printer, a die-cutting machine and a new prepress system. The intention of BOEHMER carton factory to introduce this batch of equipment is obvious, that is, to produce traditional plate making packaging with gaobao printing machine, and to produce short version folding cartons, samples, promotional and marketing materials with less than 5000 prints with digital printing machine

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