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Hunan printing industry seeks leapfrog development

promote the upgrading of industrial structure by attracting investment

Hunan printing industry seeks leapfrog development

the implementation of the project signed by Hunan printing industry at the 2008 Hunan (Shanghai) investment negotiation week is of far-reaching significance to enhance the overall strength of printing enterprises in our province and improve the printing industry chain. Talking about the recent 2008 Hunan (Shanghai) investment negotiation week, Yang Gang, director of the printing department of Hunan Publishing Bureau, was full of confidence in the future of Hunan printing industry

in this investment week, the printing industry in Hunan returned with full success. A total of 8 projects were signed, with a signed capital of 1.02 billion yuan. Among them, the second phase supporting project of Changsha printing technology base signed by Changsha Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce and Changsha Huanghua Industrial Park Management Committee has attracted 500 million funds; Shaodong Binwang poker production line project signed by Shaodong county development zone and Zhejiang Binwang poker Co., Ltd. has a signed capital of 260million; Changsha Hongfa Printing Industry Co., Ltd. signed a printing contract of 10million yuan with Shanghai Science and Technology Education Press and Shanghai Story Club Culture Media Co., Ltd; Huaihua Hongyu Color Printing Co., Ltd. and the Management Committee of Huaihua Economic Development Zone signed the Heidelberg cdl02 4 small full open four-color automatic production line and corrugated packaging production line project, with a contract capital of 39.4 million yuan. Among the three printing consumables projects signed by Hunan Printing Materials Corporation under Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group, the contract with Shanghai Peony Ink Co., Ltd. reached 60million yuan, the paper project with Jindong Paper Co., Ltd. reached 70million yuan, and the paper project with fenouhuichuan (Changshu) Paper Co., Ltd. reached 70million yuan, a total of 200million yuan

build a platform to attract investment

it is reported that for many years, Hunan's printing industry has been in the middle and lower reaches. With the transfer of the printing industry in the Pearl River Delta, its development space is large, and Hunan's printing industry is entering a critical period of rapid development. Therefore, Hunan Provincial Publishing Bureau conducted a full investigation on the development prospects of the printing industry in the province, and determined the ideas of focusing on key projects, key parks and key enterprises to promote the rapid development of Hunan printing industry

they are deeply aware that they should seize the great opportunity of regional cooperation in the Pan Pearl River Delta, adjust measures to local conditions, determine the undertaking objectives according to the foundation and development direction of Hunan's printing industry, and continue the location relationship that often leads to two situations, connect the industrial chain, and realize complementary advantages. At the same time, the introduction of domestic and foreign capital, the introduction of major projects with high upstream and downstream relevance and high technological level of the industry as the focus, with new business concepts and high-tech and external forces will force enterprises to change their ideas, stimulate the spirit of innovation, and improve the competitiveness of Hunan printing industry

for this reason, they first put forward an industrial development report to the provincial government, put forward several policies for the development of printing industry in Hunan Province, and strive for preferential policies from the aspects of Taxation, land, etc., based on the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the province through culture and promoting the healthy and rapid development of the printing industry in the province, according to the relevant policies of the central and provincial governments to support the cultural industry and service industry, and in combination with the actual situation of the province. Such as the Hunan Provincial Cultural Industry guidance fund management measures and several policy opinions on the development of the printing industry in our province

secondly, take the initiative to build a platform for printing enterprises in Hunan Province to undertake industrial transfer in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. In order to strengthen the communication and exchange between the printing industry of Hunan Province and the strong printing provinces in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, encourage printing enterprises to go out and combine the printing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta to work, and strengthen the communication and exchange between the printing industry of Hunan Province and the industries in developed regions

first, nearly 50 people from the printing industry in the province were organized to visit Guangdong and Hong Kong to study and attract investment. After many exchanges and discussions, the investment attraction effect was obvious. For a time, printing enterprises in Guangdong and Hong Kong asked to settle in Hunan for development. Subsequently, the delegation was actively organized to participate in the 2008 Hunan (Shanghai) investment negotiation week. The delegation visited the printing enterprises in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wenzhou and Hangzhou, and held discussions and investment invitation with the publishing administration departments and associations in Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou and Suzhou, as well as representatives of large printing enterprises. The project was implemented and achieved practical results

integration of resources and industrial upgrading

with good projects and policies, how can they promote the rapid development of Hunan's printing industry? According to the reality of Hunan printing industry, Hunan Publishing Bureau, while attaching great importance to the development of printing industry, fully recognizes that Hunan printing industry urgently needs resource integration, the operating procedures and protection precautions of electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, and industrial upgrading

to this end, they first made a breakthrough in the construction of the park and increased the technological transformation of printing enterprises. Encourage printing enterprises to enter the park for development, improve the printing industry chain, form economies of scale, and vigorously promote the large-scale operation of the printing industry. At present, there are printing technology industrial parks in Changsha, Shaoyang, Yiyang, Yueyang, etc

in Changsha, the printing and packaging technology industrial park located in the Huanghua Industrial Park has a clear positioning, that is, it integrates printing, packaging and related supporting industries, with the purpose of forming economies of scale and professional characteristics. The park has a planned land area of 1200 Mu and an investment scale of 500million yuan. In the first phase, 20 enterprises with relatively strong strength have signed contracts, and one enterprise will be put into operation within the year

in Shaoyang Printing Technology Industrial Park, 300 mu of land has been requisitioned and 12 enterprises have entered the park. The park will implement fiscal, tax, land, investment, financing and other preferential policies and other supporting policies to attract capital, technology and talents to enter the park for development, and build the printing industry into a new economic growth point of Shaoyang City

Hunan jingtaifeng Printing Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the printing industry of Yiyang City. At the end of last year, the company actively promoted the construction of printing industrial park on the basis of in-depth analysis of printing industrial policy, economic status and market prospects. It plans to build jingtaifeng printing industrial city in Changchun Industrial Park, Ziyang District, with a planned area of 150 mu and a total investment of 500million yuan. It is planned to be completed within five years to form typesetting, plate making, printing Binding and even procurement, production, storage, distribution and transportation, actively introduce Hong Kong capital, and use the resources of industrial clusters to drive their own development. The goal is to build an influential printing industry base in the province

the purpose of establishing the printing industry science and technology park is to gradually change the current situation that the printing industry in all parts of the province is scattered, small, chaotic, has not formed a scale, and has not formed a brand. The establishment of the printing industrial park will concentrate relevant enterprises in the industrial science and Technology Park, and build a coherent industrial chain before, during and after production. In this way, resources can be integrated, which is conducive to centralized management, and the cost of a single enterprise can be reduced. For example, maintenance, security, property management and other related businesses such as raw material procurement and product transportation can also be handled centrally, reducing intermediate links and costs, It is also conducive to building brands, cultivating pillar industries and the rapid development of enterprises

The rapid rise of the park industry in our province has become a resounding business card for the leapfrog development of Hunan's printing industry. The relevant person in charge of Hunan Publishing Bureau, such as the metal tensile testing machine, said when making steel or samples in tension

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