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Sany Heavy industry uses "two horizontal and one vertical" to easily interpret industry 4.0

Sany Heavy industry uses "two horizontal and one vertical" to easily interpret industry 4.0

China Construction machinery information

Sany Heavy Industry was established in 1989 and has been the fifth largest construction machinery manufacturer in the world. Sany Heavy industry optimizes the operation order of the enterprise through business process reform, which is summarized as "two horizontal and one vertical" three lines

the first line is enterprise end-to-end integration, including customer relationship management and supplier collaboration

the second line is the horizontal integration of enterprises, from product design to production delivery. Sany has built a global collaborative research and development platform. At the same time, in terms of intelligent manufacturing, from digital factory planning to intelligent workshop, plant 18 was rated as a model factory for digital manufacturing by the Ministry of industry and information technology

the third line is the vertical integration of Sany Heavy Industry to the bottom production equipment, from ERP to MES to the terminal of intelligent equipment, and finally produce intelligent products and services. Sany Heavy Industry manages 200000 intelligent products and provides intelligent services through ECC

horizontal integration: cross enterprise end-to-end horizontal integration

this horizontal is process based business change. As a large manufacturing enterprise, it is a direction to solve problems from the technical level, but first of all, is the business process of the whole company market-oriented, customer-oriented, and end-to-end business logic. This is a direction that Sany Heavy Industry has been optimizing over the years, because if you do not have the process of business processes, it is difficult for you to achieve the landing of intelligent manufacturing through pure technical means

if the industrial chain of Sany Heavy Industry is rolled out, the business model changes in every link

get through the customer relationship

the purpose requires that the tooth path must be tightly connected with the PVC rigid plastic heat insulation strip and the aluminum alloy profile through rollers. Sany Heavy Industry has been able to manage the domestic and international business units, marketing and post market services of the group on one platform, and establish a market insight system through the docking of marketing, service and customer platform

at the same time, Sany also built a "scout" mechanism. On the one hand, Sany Heavy Industry supervises the market through senior executives. For example, I am responsible for the markets of two provinces in China. I set up a supervision week every month to visit customers and listen to their complaints. After all, the data reported from the marketing caliber have been modified for KPIs, and customer complaints are more real. At the same time, Sany Heavy Industry also selects scouts in the international market, establishes a perfect evaluation and assessment mechanism, and gives full authorization to scouts

cross border insurance industry

in the past, equipment insurance was sold year by year, but Sany now can judge the operation status according to the equipment operation data, and then plan professional insurance in the whole life cycle. In this field, Sany Heavy Industry is a cross-border competition, and the traditional machinery and equipment insurance industry is facing challenges from the machinery industry

everyone wants to face the end customer. The whole interest pattern is slowly changing, which is the biggest change brought about by industrial integration. In the traditional business model, the interest pattern is very clear. The parts factory supplies the main engine factory, the main engine factory sells to the agent, the agent faces the customer, and then the post market provides services. A clear ecological chain has been formed between the enterprise, channel, service and customers. But now, the rules of the game have changed. All links are changing. Whoever can bypass all channels and directly provide solutions to customers will win innovation

today's Sany Heavy Industry can be regarded as a competitor by banks and insurance enterprises

innovation outside the system

of course, Trinity is not only a cross-border person, but also needs to defend against being cross-border

in 2012, Sany Heavy industry began to build an e-commerce platform, trying to introduce Internet e-commerce into the agent model of traditional sales links. During the "double 11" festival in 2015, Sany Heavy Industry also launched preferential activities, and the data on e-commerce performed very well

the e-commerce platform has also changed the supplier management link. In the past, the bidding division was carried out by the Ministry of commerce through bidding. Now Sany Heavy Industry has begun to use B2B platforms such as looking for steel to find suppliers

in addition, the manufacturing and R & D links are also being reformed. The best way to integrate and interact with manufacturing partners is to directly provide customer demand and market forecasts to manufacturing partners earlier

in October 2015, Sany group and local venture capital institutions established Mingzhao capital, which focuses on innovative investment in industry 4.0 and IOT, and plans to invest in 50 projects within three years. In addition, Sany Heavy Industry also established Sany manufacturing technology to try innovative business outside the system. In the future, disruptive innovation needs to establish an institution outside the body, or incubate it by venture capital

another horizontal line: horizontal integration of core businesses in enterprises

this horizontal line is intelligent interconnection based on data. From the simulation design of the factory, the digital simulation of Sany R & D design, to the full life cycle of Sany back-end, we are doing some work based on data

research and development interconnection

a typical case in this regard is that Sany Heavy Industry launched a large jib crane in 2008. The reality at that time was that it was difficult to develop a heavy machine in one step. In this regard, Sany Heavy Industry applied the simulation plate technology. After the plate was completed, the simulation plate was made through relevant technical means, and the simulation plate was processed through a series of complex control processes through networking and other technologies to complete the manufacturing of production products. Now, the new product development of Sany Heavy Industry must pass the digital verification stage before the trial production of products. This not only saves time, but also saves a lot of money

Sany Heavy Industry integrates the decentralized product development and analysis processes through the research and development of many new products and the integration of virtual reality, simulation and other technologies by using the characteristics of interconnection, so that product designers, manufacturers and users can visually and vividly manufacture and use virtual product prototypes, simulate performance testing and design optimization in the early stage of product development

at the same time, through the repeated use and practice of digital simulation technology, Sany Heavy Industry has become more and more accurate in verifying the components of manufactured products. At present, virtual products based on three-dimensional simulation can be produced directly after being verified by simulation

in 2010, with the increasing number of new plants and automation equipment, Sany started the comprehensive application exploration of "manufacturing IOT". In this process, 100% monitoring of special and first-class equipment has been realized, and the utilization rate of equipment has been increased by more than 30%. At the same time, we designed and implemented the pilot and promotion of a series of manufacturing IOT projects, such as heavy parts confirmation, asset inventory, two-dimensional bar code receipt and delivery

with the development of Sany's overseas acquisition and the establishment of the collaborative R & D platform of the global machinery industry in its overseas base, the importance of interconnection for Sany has been raised to a very high position. As the largest collaborative R & D platform in the machinery industry, interconnection enables Sany's global R & D personnel to share and unify knowledge, and conduct 24-hour R & D through video, voice and digital prototypes

at the same time, more than a dozen industrial parks of Sany Heavy Industry are working on a set of servers, and the PDM team is also working on this research and development platform. Its more than 3000 products are managed on a unified R & D platform, which greatly improves the management level of products, and the success rate of R & D is undoubtedly high

manufacturing interconnection

Sany Heavy Industry makes use of the characteristics of information networking in the manufacturing field, which is more concentrated in two aspects:

the first aspect is the intellectualization of production personnel. All employees of Sany Heavy Industry have intelligence and intelligent mobile applications. Workers on the production line use PDA for quality inspection and work reporting. Office staff can approve OA, check email and other mobile office

another aspect is the intelligence of equipment. The equipment on the production line, machine tools and other large-scale equipment are centrally managed through digital interfaces, parameters, control, status and so on are managed through the system, and small tools are also managed through intelligent means. For example, the welding machine for robot manufacturing is controlled through information means, and if it exceeds the threshold, it will alarm, and safety monitoring is also intelligent

service interconnection

under the general trend of mobile Internet gradually penetrating the industry, Sany's services still have a strong competitive advantage in the whole construction machinery industry. The first step of Sany Heavy Industry is to establish a service center and a perfect service system before selling products. With the help of the promotion of Internet, the service it advocates is a concept of all staff big service that spans time, space, specialty, department and internal and external interaction

while using mobile Internet, Sany Heavy Industry has independently developed a satellite remote monitoring system in the industry. Through GPS satellite positioning, the company can track the use data of each product. Once the product breaks down in the process of use, it can quickly locate its accurate location, find the nearest service vehicle and the nearest warehouse of required spare parts, so as to provide maintenance services for customers at the first time

at present, Sany's service has developed to support customers with mobile devices, and its call center sends orders to customers through mobile applications. Engineers use location-based machines and equipment to go to the site for service. They can receive orders from the and query the information of the customer object to be served. They can also query the model, accessories and other related information. After the service, engineers can take photos to apply for work and reimburse accessories. These measures greatly shorten the service time

Sany's service field is also characterized by its use of mobile Internet in logistics. In the process of implementation, by establishing an intelligent integrated warehouse, placing materials in it and placing orders in the system, it can automatically take off the shelf and automatically transport materials to the production site through a trolley. The whole process is automatic. Some materials in the production process are equipped with RFID automatically identifiable tags, which can directly detect the status. Some internal vehicles, debugging equipment, and entering and leaving the park are automatically identified

there are more than 30 kinds of intelligent sensors on the product, which can remotely monitor and diagnose the product. After the customer opens the account and enters the system, he can check the status of his machine and equipment, where it is, how it is operating, how healthy it is, how much fuel consumption, how about the running track, how long it is running, etc., and even indicate what he can only do in which range on the map

one vertical: from order to manufacturing, the mediastinal thermal coating to integration

this vertical is based on user mode innovation, and everything is done around the improvement of user value

intelligent products

I believe that there is little oil and bubbles. Many people have a vague understanding of intelligent products. Taking the products as a data collection terminal, they constantly collect user data and upload it to the cloud, which is convenient for users to manage. For users, this kind of considerate service obviously allows them to spend less time on data recording and self judgment. Based on this idea, Sany adds embedded self-developed chips to its products, which can transmit machine messages

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