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Sany creates the largest and most advanced "smart manufacturing" workshop in Asia

What does Sany create the largest and most advanced "smart manufacturing" workshop in Asia

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plant mean, is it just a workplace? Have you ever thought about the possibility of factory buildings becoming teachers and assistants. In No. 18 workshop of Sany Heavy Industry assembly workshop, there are two TV screens next to the factory, which are the "teachers" of front-line workers. Employees who are not familiar with assembly operations can learn and understand the whole assembly process at any time through digital simulation and three-dimensional operation instructions in the electronic screen

recently, based on the application of Sany plant 18, Sany Heavy Industry, Huda Haijie, Huagong manufacturing, Huazhong University of science and technology and other units jointly share with you the functional characteristics and operation steps of a drop hammer impact testing machine: the declared "demonstration project for the development and application of digital workshop system for engineering machinery product processing" has officially passed the acceptance of the expert group, and this workshop with a total area of about 100000 square meters, It has become the largest and most advanced intelligent manufacturing workshop in Asia. Here, the plant is more like a large-scale computing system, combined with traditional operating tools and large-scale production equipment. Every production process, every quality inspection, and every worker's labor volume are recorded

the on-time delivery rate of materials exceeds 95%

from the large plant to the smart factory, after the implementation of the smart transformation, the WIP of plant 18 is reduced by 8%, the completeness of materials is improved by 14%, the average energy consumption of a single set is reduced by 8%, the per capita output value is increased by 24%, the matching rate of on-site quality information is 100%, and the inventory of raw materials is reduced by 30%. In 2014, plant 18 is expected to save manufacturing costs of 100million yuan year-on-year, and the annual output is increased by more than 2000 units, The annual year-on-year output value increased by more than 6billion yuan

"the pumping system assembly team needs two water tanks." After receiving the material demand, the pumping material clerk immediately reported it to the three-dimensional warehouse. Within 15 minutes, the AGV car (automatic guided car) that automatically distributes materials stopped at the designated station with two water tanks

how is this automated process achieved? When a team needs materials, the materialman on the assembly line will report to the three-dimensional warehouse. The distribution system will quickly find the container for the materials according to the information provided by the team, and then turn on the stacker to automatically transport the container to the hydraulic table at the outlet end of the three-dimensional warehouse. At this time, the AGV operator sends a pick-up order, and the AGV trolley automatically travels to the hydraulic table to pick up the goods

after picking up the goods, the AGV trolley guided by laser will calculate the current position and direction of movement of the vehicle according to the laser positioning marks of the highly reflective reflector installed on the wall or pillar along the running path, so as to transport the materials to the designated station. There are 15 AGV trolleys like this in Sany plant 18

it is reported that the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse located in the middle of the plant covers a total area of 9000 square meters, with a warehouse capacity of about 16000 cargo spaces and a total investment of more than 60 million yuan, which can support the production of thousands of products per month. III 2. How to choose and buy plastic tensile machine? First, it is the first and only enterprise in China's construction machinery industry to successfully use this type of warehouse

the automatic distribution system for the backstage operation of the three-dimensional warehouse is jointly developed by central China University of science and technology and sany. Through this system, Sany has created a batch off shelf, wave sorting, and single station distribution mode, realizing the full business connection from the top-level plan to the bottom-level distribution, greatly improving the distribution efficiency and accuracy, and the on-time distribution rate is more than 95%

the electronic rate of quality inspection has reached 100%

"quality inspection used to be at the tip of the pen, but now it is at the tip of the finger. It is far less than 63:37 in developed countries such as Germany and 70:30 in the United States," said Zhou Yingjie, an on-site quality inspector. He widely publicized the green concept by using activities such as the national low carbon day, energy conservation and environmental protection week, and "beautiful China" public service advertisements. Before quality inspection, assembly workers passed or directly called quality inspectors to conduct on-site inspection, Moreover, paper record books are used to record inspection results and quality problems, which are prone to omissions. For the current quality inspection work, after the front-line employees assemble and apply for work, the MES system (manufacturing enterprise production process execution management system) will automatically send the quality inspection to do to the quality inspector and notify the inspector to inspect the products

the equipment used by quality inspectors, with industrial tablets and PDA as the carrier, is fully applied in the general assembly and assembly lines, realizing graphical quality inspection, and guiding quality inspectors to quickly and accurately locate the quality inspection parts and quality inspection standards. The graphical rate of quality inspection items is more than 90%, and the electronic rate of quality inspection is 100%, which comprehensively improves the efficiency of quality inspection

"our high-precision processing zone is also one of the characteristics." Field staff said that the high-precision machining area is mainly responsible for the machining of valve blocks, pins and other high-precision parts, with a total investment of 290million yuan. It is composed of four valve block flexible production lines, one pin shaft flexible production line and a small high-precision machining area, with a total of more than 100 high-precision equipment. The whole machining area integrates intelligence, flexibility and fewer people, and can meet the requirements of multi variety and small batch production

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