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Sany Heavy industry uses big data to explore great value

when the equipment fails, the service personnel arrive at the site within 2 hours and complete it within 24 hours; The stagnant inventory of vulnerable parts and spare parts is reduced by more than 40%, and the inventory of spare parts is reduced by more than 300million yuan for downstream dealers every year... "These achievements are inseparable from the independent industrial big data platform." He Dongdong, senior vice president and chief process information officer of Sany group, said

since 2008, Sany Heavy Industry has begun to build a "terminal + cloud" industrial big data platform. Based on the "terminals" of independent controllers and independent research and development of intelligent devices and special sensors, 6143 kinds of status information such as the position, oil temperature, oil level, pressure, temperature and working hours of 132 types of construction machinery equipment such as pump trucks, excavators, road machinery and port machinery are collected in low-cost real-time, and 212549 construction machinery data access worldwide is realized, So far, more than 100 billion pieces of big data of construction machinery industry have been accumulated

he Dongdong introduced that the industrial big data platform is conducive to building a data-driven product R & D system and achieving innovative development. Taking the design of the long-distance digital remote controller of the 62m super long boom concrete pump truck as an example, Sany Heavy industry began to conduct data collection on the use behavior of the operators of 110 vehicles in the small batch trial stage. They replaced the traditional fuel truck and collected 36541 pieces of data in three months. The team said that they had conducted early experiments and found 45 problems in the reliability of remote control caused by the special posture of the final boom blocking the wireless signal, Finally, the reliability of remote control operation is greatly improved by adjusting the control program

this breakthrough in high reliability remote control technology has enabled Sany concrete pump truck to surpass foreign products and achieve a stable remote control operation beyond a radius of 2 kilometers in the rescue of Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan

similarly, based on the feedback use data, Sany Heavy Industry has continuously improved the concrete pumping control strategy, refreshed the world record of concrete pumping height for many years, and achieved the stable pumping of 620 meter high concrete in the construction of China's tallest building "Shanghai center" in 2014

the failure of construction machinery will directly lead to the delay of construction projects. Sany Heavy Industry took the lead in establishing an enterprise control center (ECC) in the Chinese market, relying on the "cloud + terminal" big data platform to centrally manage the location of ground service personnel, vehicle start-up information and spare parts inventory information, and established a set of service system of "integration of heaven, earth and people, and coordination of the first, second and third lines". When the construction machinery fails, the service personnel will judge the failure according to the historical starting conditions of the vehicle, and use the vehicle position returned by GPS satellite to select the nearest service vehicle to arrive at the site within 2 hours with the accessories required for the failure. As a result, Sany Heavy Industry has achieved the service commitment of 2 hours' arrival and 24 hours' completion, and the timeliness is far ahead of foreign manufacturers

relying on ECC, the new film blowing machines produced by SANY film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry include sheet film blowing machine, PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color strip film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine, etc., which expand the same service system to the international market and form a unique competitiveness in the competition with foreign competitors. In the first half of 2015, according to conservative estimates, Sany international sales increased by 25% as a whole, accounting for 40.53% of the company's sales revenue

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