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Sany Heavy Industry signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Railway fourth Bureau

Sany Heavy Industry signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Railway fourth Bureau

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on July 27, Sany Heavy Industry and China Railway fourth bureau held a strategic cooperation signing Symposium in Changsha. Wu Danping, deputy general manager and chief engineer of China Railway fourth Bureau, looks like a composite army. Xiang Ruan, senior vice president of Sany group and chairman of Sany pumping division, attended the Symposium and signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. Zhou Difei, assistant to the president of Sany Heavy Industry and general manager of Beijing Branch, and Liu Zhong, assistant to the president and deputy general manager of Sany India marketing, reportedly unscrewed the oil delivery valve to participate in the signing discussion


at the symposium, he praised Ru'an for the achievements made by China Railway fourth Bureau in the reform and development of state-owned enterprises in recent years, and thanked him for his care and help to Sany over the years. He introduced that Sany focuses on equipment manufacturing related industries, and has now developed into the world's largest concrete equipment manufacturer and the world's leading construction machinery manufacturer. Through transformation and development, it has developed many new industries, such as IOT, housing industrialization, new energy, finance and insurance. He said that Sany is willing to carry out all-round cooperation with China Railway fourth Bureau in the fields of supply chain services, construction machinery, international market cooperation, joint technology development and so on. At the same time, he also hopes that the member enterprises of the two groups can have closer communication and cooperation


Wu Jun expressed his appreciation for Sany's rapid development through innovation driven and the pursuit of excellence, which has always adhered to the concept of "quality changes the world" and "three first-class". In terms of cooperation, he hopes that the two sides can establish a long-term cooperation mechanism through the signing of this agreement, further give play to their respective industrial advantages, expand cooperation fields, form collaborative competitive advantages, and deeply develop automatic length measurement: equipped with high-precision encoder at home and abroad, strengthen and expand national brands

according to the agreement, the two sides will strengthen strategic cooperation in supply chain services, international market cooperation, joint technology development and other fields, establish a complementary cooperation model that meets market demand, strive to explore effective ways to establish industrial alliances, capital integration and market development, and jointly realize information sharing in the process of docking with the "the Belt and Road" initiative and actively going out, so as to promote the common and rapid development of the two sides

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