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Shishites successfully developed new short fiber composite hot melt adhesive chemical tablets

recently, it was learned from shishites non woven clothing Co., Ltd. that the company's successfully developed "new short fiber composite hot melt adhesive chemical tablets for shoes" project was supported by the Quanzhou science and technology plan project fund

"this new type of short fiber composite hot melt adhesive chemical sheet for shoes is made of short fiber rolled non-woven fabric and waterborne styrene acrylic resin, which can greatly save the use of base cloth and hot melt adhesive materials and the heat loss in the fusion process, and can produce high-quality products that resist cracking and delamination." Yangguozhu, general manager of TEOS, told me

It is reported that the manufacturing method of short fiber composite hot melt adhesive chemical sheet in the footwear industry at present adopts the coating or scraping process, but there are many shortcomings in the existing technology. For example, the service life is low, cracks appear, the thickness is difficult to control, a large number of head and tail leftovers are produced, and a large amount of waste of melt glue is produced

"traditional process products are not only quality problems, but also waste more than 23% of materials and lose more than 30% of heat energy, which is twice the manufacturing cost of this process." Yang Guozhu said that the newly invented process can not only improve the quality of products and the utilization rate of materials, but also greatly reduce the use of fuel, which is of great significance for energy conservation and environmental protection

Yang Guozhu told that compared with previous technical projects, the new short fiber composite hot melt adhesive chemical sheet for shoes has its own innovative advantages. For example, use the waste heat of the base cloth to control the temperature and residual temperature of the base cloth in the production process of the base cloth, improve the product quality and reduce energy consumption; Integrated production, continuous structural integration, reduce leftover materials, and make the physical structure of products more flat; Energy conservation and environmental protection, reduce the use of more than 400 tons of materials (petrochemical products) and 2500 tons of coal

accelerate research and development and patent application

"this product is mainly used for structural support and structural surface forming of tourist shoes, high-end leather shoes, sandals and bags." According to Yang Guozhu, the project was put into trial production in October 2010. In March 2011, the project was officially put into production in terms of residual internal stress within the extruded layer organization. At present, the project is proceeding in an orderly manner as planned. The project technology has also been applied for national invention patents, and the patent rights are under examination and approval

it is reported that the company established Quanzhou nonwoven composite engineering research center two years ago. At present, there are more than 30 researchers, 14 permanent development and research personnel, including 16 with bachelor's degree or above, 5 engineers, 3 doctors and senior engineers. 23 months later, the company has applied for the establishment of a municipal engineering research center in 2011. It has obtained 6 invention patents and 12 utility model patents

the research projects of TEs company include: non-woven fabric needle rolling method, composite application of waterborne styrene acrylic resin, research and application of middle and bottom plates for shoes, composite processing technology and production facilities with low stripes, etc. "Every year, our enterprise should be in the zero position with kekong; the technology department has cooperation in research and development. Quanzhou's textile industry has developed very mature, and even has world-class leading enterprises. If we do not strengthen research and development, do not learn from the world's leading enterprises, and make common progress, it is difficult to further develop in the industry." Yang Guozhu said

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