SHL group expands injection molding plant in Taiwa

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SHL group expands injection molding plant in Taiwan SHL group, a manufacturer of drug injection devices, will invest US $40million this year to expand its injection molding plant in Taiwan to meet the needs of customers in the pharmaceutical industry for new product release

shl was founded in 1989 by two European entrepreneurs, Roger Samuelsson and Martin Jelf of Sweden. All the production of the company is carried out in Asia

Samuelsson, CEO of SHL, said: five years ago, we signed a letter of intent with the Taiwan authorities, promising to invest US $100million locally. We have fulfilled our commitments and even achieved this goal ahead of schedule. Now we will add another $40million in 2013

shl's Taoyuan and nangu construction kerstan in Taiwan agreed: "Some other automobile manufacturers have said that they have five pharmaceutical production plants and one medical supplies production plant in Guangdong Province. In addition, the company also has a final assembly plant in Florida, the United States, and design centers in Florida and Stockholm, Sweden. In 2012, its global staff exceeded the record of 2000, and it is committed to the green and energy-saving plastic processing industry around the middle and high end, striving to expand Taiwan's factory in a new breakthrough year After that, the total number of employees will exceed 2400

the group's products with the largest sales volume include automatic syringes, pen syringes and inhalers, and the supply to European and American pharmaceutical enterprises has reached millions. The company also manufactures beds, slings and other products for healthcare providers

Stevenkaufman, general manager of SHL, said: most of our sales growth came from disposable syringes. He said that many new drugs launched by pharmaceutical enterprises now use syringe packaging

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