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Shockproof design scheme of corrugated box

shockproof packaging, also known as buffer packaging, plays an important role in various packaging methods. The products will go through a series of transportation, storage, stacking and loading and unloading processes from production to use, and will be placed in different environments. In any environment, it will effectively act on the product and cause mechanical damage to the product. In order to prevent the product from being damaged, we should try to reduce the impact of external forces. The so-called shockproof packaging refers to the packaging that takes certain protective measures to slow down the impact and vibration of the contents and protect them from damage. Common cushioning packaging materials include foam plastic, honeycomb paperboard, pulp molding, corrugated paperboard, paper, air cushion and plant fiber polymer tensile test and tensile action packaging cushioning materials. Because modern packaging is slow; Many Chinese materials are disposable. Many countries and regions have made high regulations on environmental protection, which has prompted the further development of green cushioning packaging. There are also many green packaging materials, such as shredded paper, corrugated paper, corrugated cardboard, pulp molding, degradable plastics, honeycomb cardboard and so on. In the structural design of cartons, how to use shockproof technology for packaging products with shockproof requirements? Customers' main requirements when conducting research on customers, we will always encounter products with different shapes, including high weight individual products such as auto parts, and fragile items such as glass products. Customers' requirements are also different, and their main requirements are:

■ reduce costs (some other packages such as wooden boxes want to be replaced by cartons)

■ the storage and transportation cycle is too long, so it is necessary to deal with the strength decay of cartons in the long-term storage and transportation process

■ impact of warehouse environment on stacking. The paper is required to be environmentally friendly and the box has high compression resistance

■ environmental protection requirements (for example, some foamed plastics need to be replaced by other environmental protection products)

■ transportation and sales packaging are integrated

■ influence of packing speed

■ many specifications, integrated packing boxes, etc. The main aspect of shockproof design is to ensure that the strength of the carton itself can cope with the harm caused in the storage and transportation environment, which requires a comprehensive design and simulation test of the carton to achieve the effect of effective product protection. In the structural design of cartons, the anti vibration aspects of cartons mainly include the following aspects: corrugated gasket: gasket is the most common response to resonance and vibration in the process of carton transportation; Protective measures for product damage caused by medium strike. Moreover, the gasket is simple in structure and easy to produce, which is especially suitable for the protection of some products with regular shapes. Corrugated grille: the grille is used for the separation and packaging of small items, which is generally used together with cartons. The design of carton grille must be compact, and the products must be effectively fixed in the grille to prevent collision. When used in the packaging of metal coated articles, the effect is remarkable. Appropriate corrugated grille can also improve the compressive strength of the whole carton. Of course, the grille of the carton is also used for the separation of items, which is more cost-effective than the separate packaging of a single product. Corner guards: there are many kinds of corner guards for developing cartons, including folded corner guards and bonded corner guards. Generally, the corner protector combined with the product is designed according to the appearance and shape of the product. Many products using corner guards are of high quality, so the overall compression resistance and anti-corrosion of cartons need to be considered in the design; Impact of hit and resonance. Single sided corrugated paper: when packaging glass products, it is a kind of packaging paper that is widely used. When used together with carton corner guards, the shockproof effect is more remarkable. Using the extensibility of single-sided corrugated paper, it is suitable for the packaging of cylindrical glass products. When choosing single-sided corrugated paper as product protection, different corrugated types can be adopted according to different product weights, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by resonance to products. Suspended packaging carton: for this kind of packaging, it can be made of cartons with corner guards, or it can be completely made of corrugated cardboard. Because of its unique structural design, this kind of carton can make the product get a similar suspension space in the carton, which can effectively deal with the damage caused by the product in the transportation environment. This kind of cartons can be used as the transportation packaging of cartons as well as the sales packaging of cartons. Because of its high cost, it is suitable for the packaging of products with high added value. In the structural design of cartons, no matter what kind of anti vibration method of cartons is adopted, the six steps of carton structural design must be followed. That is to conduct comprehensive research on customers and master the logistics and storage and transportation environment; Appropriate materials and protection types are used in the design. After the design is completed, it is necessary to carry out tests such as resonance, drop and compression resistance on the sample box, simulate and calculate the environmental hazards of the products during storage and transportation, and check whether the products can be effectively protected. The products should be effectively protected, and the over packaging of products should be prevented. The latest electronic control and advanced DCSP data collection and analysis software should be equipped. Also consider the cost in the design

source: feilang carton technology media

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